5 Simple Steps - Healing the Uncomfortable Gap or Wall between you and Another Person

Qala Sri'ama Phoenix
Healing is a natural gift we all can access easily.  We can heal our relationships, with only a little effort!  Read on for the 5 simple steps to healing the uncomfortable gap or wall, between you and another person.

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It's best to do this SIMPLE 5 STEP - 15 MINUTE PROCESS, just before bed. 

Honour your feelings by accepting what you feel about the situation with this person in your life. 

Bring your conscious awareness to your feelings and acknowledge them, without judgment. Even though it may feel hard, recognise this is a temporary feeling and a part of your consciousness is expressing the feelings as a disconnection from your Soul and heart.

Talk to the part of yourself that feels hurt, protective or defensive and let this part of you know it can receive a very powerful form of love and support now.

Honour that this part of you may be feeling you are right and the other person is wrong regarding the situation that may have evolved between you and this person, This part of you may not know how to let go or even believe you should let go and let healing take place beloved. Tell this part of you, that you are sorry for the hurt and pain that may be the cause of the wall between you and this person and that you asking this part of you to receive love and a little help to change the feelings to become more positive.

Say this simple prayer

Great Spirit, Holy Mother, Archangels, Angels wrap me in a cocoon of love and lift this hurt and pain from me. Bless and Consecrate the part of me that feels disconnected from my Light and Love. Bring the healing energies to me, & Purify and Cleanse my spiritual, emotional, mental and etheric bodies, my heart, mind and will now of all negative projections, judgments, fears, memories, feelings, thoughts and beliefs that are negative feelings to be held inside of me and are creating the wall between me and ……… (name the person). 

I call on my Higher Self and the Higher Self of ……… (name them again) to connect in healing the wall I feel between my heart and ……… (name them again). I call on the Violet Flame to emblazen through my energy, mind, body, soul and spirit night and day, to purify any fear I may be trapped in consciously or unconsciously. 

I call for the universal laws of grace, love, oneness, divinity, forgiveness, karma and liberty to flood through my soul, mind, body, spirit now and throughout my heart connection to ……… ( name them again). I ask to be placed on a healing program to open my heart and energy so I may experience my life balance and peace.

I ask to be placed in a chamber of divine love, forgiveness, healing and peace as I sleep every night until I feel my heart connection with ….. (name them again).

Within 5 minutes or so, your energy will begin to receive the healing vibrations.

Rest and just receive for 10 minutes as these healing energies begin to fill you, before going to sleep. You will sleep and receive the healing energies after this.

Say this prayer everyday until you feel the forgiveness and the wall has shifted.

Everything will begin to shift.

Raising in Vibration has never been Easier!

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