So many people continue to be amazed at the heights of love, peace, happiness,
and the natural high they can reach through simply listening to our programs.
They are amazed that their energy state and experience can alter so deeply and so quickly,
as if they are being touched by the Angels, or the hand of God.
I am led to the Sirius Library for special meditations, healing and dispensations at times when shifts and big changes are occurring. These meditations enable lots of things to happen that I don’t always cognitively understand, but feel the benefit... sometimes quite profoundly.
Jackie, Australia
The Heart Portal Free Membership has given me so so much these past years. To have such easy access to the Divine, heart opening, angelic realms is just incredible. The recent Power Teachings are just that... supercharged golden arrows, and the effects are immediately experienced and increase with each listening, I'm just loving them. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Qala and your beautiful team.
BB, Australia
Gratitude to Qala, for all that you are offering us to grow as light and human beings. Each time I listen to those powerful audios, I dive more deeply and feel the deep healings that are occurring.
Catherine Shana, France
Qala's voice is so pacifying, calming. Blessings for your work. It feels deep and effective. So wonderful. Thank you.
Sitar Rose, Australia
The meditations that Qala offers are key and precious to me, as each one brings a shift and transformation in ways my heart has been praying for. Thank you.
Amakelia, UK
I enjoyed this self paced course (Quantum Shift Experience - Level 1), it was easy to fit around my schedule and I could feel the energy shifts in my body each time I did a session. Looking forward to Quantum Shift Level 2.
Grant, Thailand
The Womens Empowerment Toolkit is a great experience. Thank you.
Gabi, USA
The Quantum Shift Experience is an extraordinary experience on a daily basis, which helps me to start each day with more peace and fluidity. I can't do without it anymore...
Thank you for offering the text, an extra support to learn English and be even more in the letting go...
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Galima, France
With all my love and so much gratitude – I am in awe of the Ocean of Love Coaching!
El'Gaia, The Netherlands
The Ocean of Love Coaching series with Qala has assisted me to transform some of the most difficult emotional challenges that I've had for a long time. This program has truly been life changing! Qala shares so much insight about the deeper nature of our being, which assisted me to reconnect and develop a loving connection with parts of myself that has completely changed me on a profound level. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for Qala's programs, that are such an extraordinary gift for humanity. Qala has a depth of knowledge, wisdom and love that she shares so generously and gracefully... it's unparalleled.
Andrea, Australia
Thank you, thank you, thank you for the amazing Ocean of Love Coaching. I have felt so much benefit from it. It has been a miraculous experience in aiding me to heal and clear a situation which has been around for so many lifetimes. Although I have challenges still, I find I am dealing with these as they come up with far less stress and frustration. During the 6th Ocean of Love journey my heart fully burst open when the Holy Mother brought the baby cherubs... it was so beautifully moving and this experience will live with me for ever. I am looking forward to your next Ocean of Love course. Thank you so much for all that you have brought into my life.
Aluma, UK
I am very grateful for the Ocean of Love Coaching. I have experienced many different pathways, energy works, activations, work with my channel, but this Course came to me just in a divine time, and it what I was needing. It created a great shift & transformation of my emotional and Feminine energy. I felt that to keep following the guidance was a pleasure, with so much joy, even if there were some challenges. This is such powerful light technology, teaching, very supportive, clear, easy to follow. I always felt that I am supported and loved. I had many insights & discovered a lot about my emotions and love. I felt all of the meditations so powerfully & deeply. My heart has become open with love for myself and for all that is, with so many fears released. I can feel that love is activated within me and it's a part of my being, this is who I am. With a deep gratitude for all I received.
Elena, Spain
Qala’s Ocean of Love Coaching has been a deeply transformative process for me. The gentle, loving guidance of Qala’s talks, alongside the meditations, as well as everyday tips, all offer a beautiful step by step pathway to healing for painful feelings and parts that have been a struggle for me. So much gratitude for the generosity of the gift of the Ocean of Love, offered with such deep care. Thank you with all my happy heart.
Belinda, Australia
THANK YOU for the Ocean of Love Journeys & Teachings. I am so grateful for all that I have learned and experienced with your program. I have followed your teachings for many years now and feel so blessed.
Nicole, France
I am so grateful for the Ocean of Love Coaching. Your description of what happens when ones’ Earth Feminine Spirit is blocked is 100% accurate and it is very painful. Taking care to do the exercises you have offered has bought a lot of relief. Thank you.
Any participation in one of Qala Sri'ama's programs is a sacred gift of self-investment. I have studied extensively with her for 10 years now and I have experienced profound shifts in consciousness each and every time I work with her. I have received the tools to support myself with. Qala has an amazing ability to transmit higher divine Universal teachings. If you are dedicated to personal healing or to the evolution of consciousness, I promise you will be AMAZED by her programs & courses. Qala is a precious gift to humanity!
Amazjhi, USA
Qala is a divine messenger of love, light, compassion and healing. Experiencing her teachings expands the heart, clears the mind and opens your Spirit to unlimited potentialities. She offers a 'quickening' in Divine resonance, and you find your self Full, while learning to surrender and let go. My experience of the Christ Healing Program was life changing, and I recommend working with Beloved Qala's teachings in any way that you can access them. We are so blessed to have access to Qala's light, love and illumination.
Flora LaRayne, USA

Receiving the teachings of the Energy Science of Your Universal Connection was a thrilling and profound journey of discovery, learning and expansion for me. Qala Sri'ama is a brilliant, masterful teacher - generous, loving, nurturing and crystal clear. She models integrity and alignment consistently, while holding a remarkable space of choice and freedom. I still experienced the unfoldment and blessings for many months after receiving the program.

Peggy Jackson, USA

Being able to work with the Enlightened Masters and channel the Holy Spirit has been humbling and such a source of growth. The Christ Light Healing Program is powerful, transformative, and the influx of Grace is beyond description. Being able to learn from the Masters is empowering and divinely guided. I was so blessed to receive this 5 day program. Grace & Gratitude.

Astonia, USA

I received the Energy Science of Your Universal Connection Program and found it very helpful. Qala's teachings are very clear and of a high frequency; they make it easy for me to go outside of my mind's limitations and connect with higher guidance. Qala is a very approachable teacher and is willing to answer all questions so that everyone understands the processes even if energy work is new to them. 

Barbara S, USA
I have been fortunate enough to receive Qala's 'Energy Science of Universal Connection'. The level of Qala's ability to bring forth the clearest, highest and most multidimensional teachings from the Masters is profound! Her frequency will really expand your mind and consciousness. Qala is a true "teacher" of spiritual evolution: her compassionate, open, kind nature is truly a gift, and shouldn't be missed if you are a seeker, ready to awaken, evolve and co-create this new Earth.
Kate Anjajlia Loye, USA
I am immensely grateful to Qala and the Masters for bringing these teachings to humanity. Each day I wake up in gratitude and looking forward to the next teaching. These profound teachings and powerful activation's have taken my journey to another level, another dimension. It's been such a joy to listen to and receive the teachings which have given me even more clarity and have consolidated a foundation to build upon. Taking responsibility for my energy body and stepping into my Mastery is integrating into my being to another level with ease and grace. I look forward to waking every day to practice a 30 minutes meditation. I experienced a deeper connection with Maitreya during the Master Meditation Program and I was conscious of being received into a great hall filled of many Masters and held in a great joy. It is an extraordinary journey.
Jaikirra, Australia
I have been studying with Qala Sri’ama for quite a while now, and the Master Meditation Program does really tie everything together. I do feel that Master Meditation offers the missing link that deepens the opening of the parts of the energy body that were previously untouched, and I haven't even really started my 3 month study plan yet!
 For those who are not sure if they would benefit, I queried myself as to why I needed to study Master Meditation after already having done so many other wonderful courses, but I am now so glad that I am heart connected and divinely guided enough to let go of mind/ego thoughts and chose to do this course. In my experience, this is a must do course, not just a ‘good to do’ course. I am so grateful to Qala for grounding this work.
Vicky Jazlia, Australia
I have completed the Win-Win Thinking Program, and I have to say, my life and being has changed 360 degrees as a result of this amazingly comprehensive, super effective and super useful training. It has provided me with an incredibly powerful positive, happy & informative experience to plug into every day. I look forward to my meditations every morning. This program has really helped clear my energy and assist me to cope with all the craziness going on in the world. I now feel a lightness of being, a positivity throughout the day, and I feel lifted into a higher WIN-WIN dimensional energy field. My life is now manifesting amazing WIN-WIN experiences in my interactions with others - even through all of my life challenges and learning curves. I am managing my reactions and harnessing my energy to apply that energy in more productive ways. Working with the Masters on my projects has been very helpful, insightful and empowering.
Anjeena, USA
The Christ Healing Program is miraculous. Qala has access to knowledge far beyond that of even advanced healers walking the Earth. She assisted me to resolve some of my most complex, long-standing emotional issues in one brief session. I feel truly blessed to have received these teachings.
Nicole, USA
After receiving the Mother Pilgrimage in Mexico... my heart is full of love once again. Qala has the beautiful gift to take you back to yourself and love all around you. Giving you a shift in your consciousness, with all her love and the Masters’ Light. I can’t be thankful enough to have her in my life, this Program is amazing.
Yaya, Mexico
The Christ Healing Program is so amazing. So much Grace poured forth & through… Divine Grace blessing me… so beautiful, so exquisite. Forever touched & blessed. My eternal gratitude for this... such a small offering from me for such a profound gifting of Grace from Qala & the Masters.
Carolyn, USA
Qala is a most extraordinary teacher. She calls in powerful frequencies for spiritual healing, evolution and transformation. I highly recommend her work if you are interested in reaching higher levels of clarity and illumination. Qala rocks!
Zja'dia, USA

I started the Christ Healing Program with my heart full of pain & distress. I finished with my heart full of joy, forgiveness, awareness, love & so much Grace. My gratitude to Qala always from the bottom of my heart.

Shamakaya, Mexico

The 3 day Divine Presence Program with Qala has taken me through a profoundly deep and rich journey, through which many aspects of my consciousness have resolved and returned to my heart. I am profoundly grateful for all I have received. Qala is truly a unique inspirational teacher. A blessing for us all.

Amaliah, UK

The Heart Portal is such wondrous energy work that is assisting greatly in lifting vibration, clearing obstacles and achieving balance; I am so grateful to the team that have generously made this work accessible to all. Thank you for opening new possibilities, inviting awareness, and assisting in raising the collective consciousness. Blessed be!

Alki, USA

Master Meditation is the most comprehensive, powerful & effective meditation training program I have ever encountered. It is my 'go to' daily meditation practice.  If you want to deepen your meditation experience and divine connection, I highly recommend this training program

An'jeena, USA

I have received the EASE Program by Qala Sri’ama. A validating, respectful and mind-blowing new experience! All teachings are placed in a context of LOVE and this is demonstrated consistently through the delivery of the work. I feel lightened, grounded and more here than ever before.

Elushia, Australia
I enrolled in the Christ Healing Program just being open to an amazing experience. I emerged with so much more than I could have imagined. The teachings and knowledge shared by Qala and the Masters have touched my heart and opened me up to a new level. The program was easy and always safe to follow. The biggest blessing I received is from the practicing of the healings offered. Words can not truly describe it – but it is DIVINE.
Ben, Australia
The Secret Teachings of the Masters is an extraordinary Program! The level of Qala's channel and teachings were beyond my expectations. The light received in the Temples, Sphinx and Great Pyramid have taken me to a higher level, that I have been trying to achieve for years. Qala and the Masters have really taken me beyond my limitations. The whole program and teachings were filled with joy, love and grace.
Rahanah, USA
My connection to my Soul prior to receiving the Secret Teachings of the Masters from Qala, was just a concept, or at best a very vague sense. It is now a deeply felt experience available and identifiable in every moment. Beyond this, and the further opening and expansion of my heart and all centers, the gifts were so numerous and beyond anything I could ever have imagined, these few words, and indeed any words themselves, can hardly touch what I received and am able also to now give.
Obo, USA
I have received both the Secret Teachings of Enlightenment and the Secret Teachings of the Holy Mother Programs. WOW is an understatement. After training with many teachers in the past 20 years, Qala has far surpassed all of them. Her ability to bring through the most amazing frequency, light, love and wisdom is beyond the comprehension of the mind. I am forever grateful to her for the immense service she gives to us and to all of humanity. I have grown in ways I cannot explain, my clients tell me I am different and much more powerful. These teachings are a gift from God delivered by the most loving, open hearted and considerate teacher you will ever meet in this lifetime. I am so grateful and in the deepest gratitude to beautiful Qala. Take the next step and open yourself to receive.
Lily, Australia
When I enrolled to receive the Secret Teachings of the Holy Mother, I knew it would change my life, I just did not know how. When I would ask myself ‘How does it feel to have a higher vibration’ - now I know, because this is what happened! I am the same, but at the same time I feel more empowered through the teachings and meditations I have received. My divine flame is shining brighter and it is visible to all of the people that surround me, and my self-love has heightened along with my ability to help others and bring the light wherever I go. My gratitude is immense as my life is now full of positive manifestations and love. Thank you Qala.
Elu’anya, Peru
Be prepared to be amazed, enlightened, and spiritually alive. I have had the privilege of attending several live events and Sacred Ceremonies with Qala over the years and I count those times among the most spiritually uplifting, enlightening and full of personal growth and awareness that I have experienced. I found an increased awareness and awakening, as well as learning new healing techniques and ways to incorporate and live in a balanced, enlivened spiritual path. The information that Qala receives and shares is divinely guided and she shares beautiful teachings and meditations.
Debbie Inman, USA

The 3 weeks that I spent receiving the Secret Teachings of Enlightenment from Qala was the most profound experience of love and support of my life. The true effect began after receiving the teachings, and continues and accelerates week after week. With deepest gratitude, and much love.

Sieglinde, Kalayzia, USA

The Secret Teachings of the Masters has been the most fulfilling, amazing, fantastic program. It has completely changed my life in ways that I could never accomplish on my own. Thank you Qala, for the divine gifts that you offer to the world, without them my life would still be the same.

Elfina, Australia
The Secret Teachings of the Masters... what an inspiring, profound and hardcore program, creating deep shifts and new possibilities. I cannot recommend this life affirming experience enough for those who are ready. Qala, as always is a masterful guide, teacher and facilitator.
Kush, UK

The Secret Teachings of the Masters to anchor the Divine Channel Program with Qala Sri'ama, has been the most profound journey with the Ascended Masters and Beings of Light and has deeply enlightened my being, assisting me to release deep old fears that have stopped me in the past, from opening and deepening the divine channel on Earth. Thank you Qala, Thank you.

El'Rai'Shirra - Delicia, Australia

I am so impressed with the quality of Qala's teaching and how it has precisely met my needs and taken me beyond. She truly addresses what is needed. To expand a thought that may be familiar, and then break it down and dissect it again so thoroughly to make The Secret Teachings of the Masters a very powerful program. And it is all done with great love. I am so grateful.

Gwynne Reese, USA

The Secret Teachings of the Masters is a Fantastic, Superlative, Transformational and Amazing Program which I highly recommend. It is profoundly clear, deep and practical filled with great tips and practices, to facilitate insight and illumination on many levels.

Zja'dia Christos, USA

The Secret Teachings of the Masters Program is empowering, practical, enlightening, encouraging, powerful and divine. I am deeply grateful to Qala, the Masters, Angels and Emissaries of Light for the love, light and support to ground these extremely significant teachings on the Earth for all of Humanity.

Collette, Australia

The Secret Teachings of the Divine Channel is the deepest and most profound blessing for us, and the Earth. To know and receive the highest potential blueprint and teachings, for a complete and effective training to be a grounded divine channel is the greatest blessing. The teachings for me will help me live a balanced happy life as well as bring through my service as a channel in the highest way.

Amakelia, UK

I have taken many classes for healing and embodiment of consciousness and I can tell you that The Secret Teachings of the Masters has been the most amazing, beautiful and loving workshop to integrate the divine energy, true love, and recognise even more of my being. Thank you so much Qala for this beautiful experience.

Manfred Z, USA

I have been studying with Qala for 6 years and have received many meditations and programs, including the Energy Science of Your Universal Connection. Qala’s work is always and entirely both literal and universal; literal, in that she teaches the specific practice of loving consciousness energy, and universal, because our learning and practice can be applied to all aspects of our life, relationships, and intentions. Qala is love without judgment. Receiving her teachings, is to embrace so many aspects of who I am...child, scholar, believer, skeptic, ascetic, saint and sinner. I feel held in a deep embrace of caring and guidance, unable to forget that I/we are all beings of light and love. Qala is a rigorous technician of the sacred journey into consciousness and a compassionate teacher in the difficult art of forgiveness, constantly reminding me that I am older and wiser and more profoundly childlike than I know or allow myself to be. Laughing to give you a bellyache, sharing a conversation with Archangel Michael, clearly explaining the relationship between chakra alignment and our feminine/ masculine balance, or the precise technical instructions to enter deeply into one’s heart... Qala's work is both demanding and rewarding.

Peter E'kai, USA
I cannot express my respect, admiration and gratitude enough for the work and teachings I have been privileged enough to be a part with Qala Sri'ama. I have been a mental health professional for 25 years. Qala's teachings have provided me with the missing link and have giving me the key to understanding myself and humanity in a way that was previously not available to me. I feel that with Qala's teachings, I have been able to "marry" all my other studies and experience, to help me understand myself at a deeper level, and to assist me to know, understand and have love and compassion for my clients in a way that is helpful to them. Qala's teachings are profound and her integrity, compassion, insights and love have touched me in a way that few other teachers have. Qala has a willingness to be honest, vulnerable yet professional and respectful and she assists others to find their own knowledge in a way that few teachers I have worked with have been able to attain. She is humble and truly walks her talk by living and practicing what she knows to be higher truths and wisdom. Qala demonstrates to her students that whilst she offers teaching, she believes we all have the power and knowing within ourselves, when we connect and practice from our heart with love and integrity. I am eternally grateful for her gifts and wisdom and her heart based teachings.
Jenarah, Australia
To have received the Secret Teachings of the Holy Mother and the 13 Initiations of the Holy Mother is the greatest of gifts, for Qala Sri’ama Phoenix is a Spiritual Teacher like no other. Her ability to deliver wisdom teachings and transmissions of Divine Love and Divine Power from the Enlightened Realms far exceeds anything you could ever imagine. These Holy Mother teachings were truly magnificent, a blessed divine gift and the highest level transmission’s we have ever experienced from Qala in over 15 years as a devoted Student. These initiations have profoundly changed and upgraded our life. Qala has been our greatest Teacher on the Spiritual Path of Universal Truth, this Training expanded our consciousness greatly, and has taken us to a level of refinement in our own Spiritual Work as a Mentor and Channel. The changes that have occurred from the Secret Teachings of the Holy Mother have been ‘mind blowing’ and so significant and Healing, not only for us personally as we walk the path as a Divine Mother Vessel of Grace, but for those who we hold closest and dearest to our heart. Throughout all time WE shall be supremely grateful to Our Beloved Qala for the enormous generosity of her being to be in service to God and Humanity.
Amazjhi, USA
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