'Higher States' Coaching
with Qala Sri'ama Phoenix

Join Qala for 'The Ocean of Love' Series

Receive 6 Power Coaching Webinars & an Ocean of Love to shift your energy into your Higher Vibrational Feeling State

 'HIGHER STATES' COACHING with Qala is an extraordinary new opportunity
for a clear loving journey into the rediscovery of your love, light and power.

This 1st series The Ocean of Love Journeys is skillfully crafted 
as a profound loving support and transformation of your FEELINGS   
Journey with Qala into an Ocean of Love to heighten, transform and empower your feelings

Through engaging in the Ocean of Love, a natural shedding and letting go takes place
With heightened feelings, we can all blossom and feel fulfilled

Look forward to feeling more love & joy, and greater love & support in your life

Receive the
Ocean of Love
into your life


Coaching will support you to know how to disengage your feelings from duality experiences and how to reconnect your feeling nature to the higher sensations of love, harmony, and peace


 short power coaching session for the heightening your feelings in your daily life, offering simple easy practices to apply to make your life better

 profound meditation journey into the higher planes, into an Ocean of Love, 
with the loving support of higher light beings. Building your transcendental experience

A PDF download of your session's master keys & simple practices.
You can integrate into you daily life 7-10 days after your coaching session.

Each new OCEAN OF LOVE meditation journey may be replayed 
 1-2 more times, to increase your shift into a higher vibrational feeling state and create a deeper level of transformation.  

01 Webinar  Symbiosis with your Loving Presence 

 90-minute Webinar with Qala

Part 1.
Your Power Coaching on 'Heightening your Feelings

Part 2.
Be transported into the Higher Planes, into an Ocean of Love
to begin to build your Transcendental Experience of Love 

Melt within an Ocean of Love and Surrender to experience Peace
Symbiosis is Unity, Oneness, Mergence

02 Webinar  Comfort in Feeling 

 90-minute Webinar with Qala
Part 3. Your Power Coaching on 'Finding Comfort in Feeling

Part 4.
Be transported into the Higher Planes into an Ocean of Love
to deeply Self-nurture & Balance your Feeling Body  

Melt within an Ocean of Love and Surrender to Rejuvenate

03 Webinar  Flow, Deeper Love and Security 

90-minute Webinar with Qala

Part 5. Your Power Coaching on 'Emotional Flow of your Energy' 

Part 6
. Be transported into the Higher Planes into an Ocean of Love
to activate your higher vibrational feelings   

Melt within an Ocean of Love and Surrender to Flourish

04 Webinar  Freeing your Receptivity 

 90-minute Webinar with Qala

Part 7. Your Power Coaching on 'Acceptance & Receptivity' 

Part 8
. Be transported into the Higher Planes into an Ocean of Love
to expand your Receptivity of Higher Vibrational Feelings

Melt within an Ocean of Love and Surrender to Trust 

05 Webinar  Attracting Unconditional Love 

90-minute Webinar with Qala

Part 9. Your Power Coaching on 'Attracting Unconditional Love' 

Part 10
. Be transported into the Higher Planes into an Ocean of Love
to receive a Celestial Activation for the Renewal of your Feeling Body  

Melt within an Ocean of Love and Surrender to experience a New Depth of Love

06 Webinar  Deeper Self Love 

90-minute Webinar with Qala

Part 11. Your Power Coaching on 'Deeper Self Love' 

Part 12
. Be transported into the Higher Planes to energise, activate and
begin to magnify Higher Vibrations within your being    

Melt within an Ocean of Love and Surrender to experience your Divine Energy 

What is so special about
the Ocean of Love series 

How you personally sense energy, emotions, life, everything around you and how you sense yourself, your body and your energy will gently soften, lighten, re-sparkle, vibrate, pulsate to a higher level and this will increase the more you journey into the Ocean of Love and receive from a Higher State of Being.

You will be transported into the Celestial Planes of Light into an Ocean of Love and feel energies shed from you during each guided meditation journey. Over more journeys, you will come to sense the light, grace, and pure love of your Loving Presence as you are elevated into a Higher State.

Many higher beings of light will connect with you and support the deepest level of your feeling body to naturally shed energies, that may dampen or drain the heightening of your feelings.

Qala's Coaching Schedule
Ocean of Love Series

Webinar 1
Symbiosis with your
Loving Presence


Webinar 2

Comfort in Feeling


Webinar 3
Flow, Deeper Love
and Security


Webinar 4
Freeing your Receptivity 


Webinar 5
Attracting Unconditional Love


Webinar 6
Deeper Self Love


For more information about converting to your own Time Zone, please go to: timeanddate.com
If you are unable to attend live, the benefits will be just as powerful through replaying the webinar

Why join Qala's Group Coaching sessions

... simply, because 

you have the power to change 

how you feel ... & you will learn how   

Qala's Group Coaching provides simple understandings acquired from 25 years of communion with the Angels, Archangels and Enlightened Ones, that can guide you to
make powerful changes in conscious awareness to...

heighten your feelings 
open a greater flow of energy
reduce emotional issues, triggering,
emotional closures and negative reactions

The beauty of being transported into higher planes and enwrapped by an Ocean of Love, empowers you with the love, strength and greater peace to apply each unique gem & practical enlightened understanding you receive

Each session is a sacred medicine that offers relief from the busy mind driven na
ture and stresses of our world   

What our students are saying about Ocean of Love Coaching

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this amazing Ocean of Love Coaching. I have felt so much benefit from it. It has been a miraculous experience in aiding me to heal and clear a situation which has been around for so many lifetimes. Although I have challenges still, I find am dealing with these as they come up with far less stress and frustration. During the 6th Ocean of Love journey my heart fully burst open when the Holy Mother brought the baby cherubs it was so beautifully moving and this experience will live with me for ever. I am looking forward to registering for your next Ocean of Love course. Thank you so much for all that you have brought into my life.
- Aluma
Qala’s Ocean of Love Coaching has been a deeply transformative process for me. The gentle, loving guidance of Qala’s talks, alongside the meditations, as well as everyday tips, all offered a beautiful step by step pathway to healing for painful feelings and parts that have been a struggle for me. So much gratitude for the generosity of the gift of the Ocean of Love, offered with such deep care. Thank you with all my happy heart.
- Belinda
I am very grateful for this journey. Before this course, I experienced different pathways, energy works, activations, work with my channel, but this course came to me in divine timing, and it is just what I needed. It created a great shift, a transformation of my emotional and Feminine energy. This is such powerful light technology, teaching, very supportive, clear, easy to follow. I always felt that I am supported and loved. I had many insights, discovered a lot about my emotions and love. All of the meditations are so powerful, I felt the energies deeply. Now I can see my heart become open with love for myself and for all that is, many fears have released. I can feel that love is activated within me, & I can share love, and it's a part of my being, this is who I am. With deep gratitude for all I have received.
- Elena
The Ocean of Love Coaching series with Qala has assisted me to transform some of the most difficult emotional challenges that I've had for a long time. This program has truly been life changing! Qala shares so much insight about the deeper nature of our being, which assisted me to reconnect and develop a loving connection with parts of myself that has completely changed me on a profound level. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for Qala's programs that are such an extraordinary gift for humanity. Qala has a depth of knowledge, wisdom and love that she shares so generously and gracefully... it's unparalleled.
- Andrea
My deepest gratitude for the Ocean of Love & Wisdom that I have received with the 1st meditation and lesson. I am grateful that I could hear the guidance to join this pathway with you. Thank you.
- Elena
Thank you so much for your beautiful and healing teachings. I am so loving the journey so far and feel so supported with the challenging feelings of my life experience. With love and heart felt gratitude.
- Belinda
All my love and so much gratitude – I am in awe of this program.
- El'Gaia
I am grateful for this content. Your description of what happens when ones’ Earth Feminine Spirit is blocked is 100% my reality, which is very painful. This week taking care to do the exercises has bought a lot of relief. Thanks.
- J B
Thank you so much for this wonderful course.
- Gillian
"My heart is full of love once again. Qala has the beautiful gift to take you back to yourself and love all around you. Giving you a shift in your consciousness, with all her love and the Masters’ Light."
Yaya, Mexico
"So much Grace poured forth & through… Divine Grace blessing me… so beautiful, so exquisite. Forever touched & blessed. My eternal gratitude for this... such a small offering from me for such a profound gifting of Grace from Qala & the Masters."
Carolyn, USA
"When I would ask myself ‘How does it feel to have a higher vibration’ - now I know, because this is what happened! I am the same, but at the same time I feel more empowered. My divine flame is shining brighter and it is visible to all of the people that surround me, and myself - love has heightened along with my ability to help others."
Elu'anya, Peru
"Be prepared to be amazed, enlightened, and spiritually alive. I count the times with Qala to be among the most spiritually uplifting, enlightening and full of personal growth and awareness that I have experienced. The information that Qala receives and shares is divinely guided and she shares beautiful teachings and meditations."
Debbie Inman, USA
"Qala is a most extraordinary teacher. She calls in powerful frequencies for spiritual healing, evolution and transformation. I highly recommend her work if you are interested in reaching higher levels of clarity and illumination."
Zja'dia, USA
"Any participation in one of Qala Sri'ama's programs is a sacred gift of self-investment. I have studied extensively with her for 10 years now and I have experienced profound shifts in consciousness each and every time I work with her. I have received the tools to support myself with. "
Ama'zjhi, USA
"My connection to my Soul prior to receiving from Qala, was just a concept, or at best a very vague sense. It is now a deeply felt experience available and identifiable in every moment. Beyond this, and the further opening and expansion of my heart and all centers, the gifts were so numerous."
Obo, USA
"Qala is a brilliant teacher - generous, loving, nurturing and crystal clear. She models integrity and alignment consistently, while holding a remarkable space of choice and freedom. I still experienced the unfoldment and blessings for many months after receiving her program" 
Peggy Jackson, USA
"Qala has access to knowledge far beyond that of even advanced healers walking the Earth. She assisted me to resolve some of my most complex, long-standing emotional issues in one brief session. I feel truly blessed"   
Nicole, USA
"After training with many teachers in the past 20 years, Qala has far surpassed all of them. Her ability to bring through the most amazing frequency, light, love and wisdom is beyond the comprehension of the mind. "   
Lily, Australia

 Coaching with Qala Sri'ama Phoenix
The Ocean of Love Webinar Series 

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MEET your coach

Qala Sri'ama Phoenix

Dear heart,
I am a loving grandmother who was blessed with a miraculous life change, just before my 33rd birthday. Through divine intervention, in one moment, my world changed, when my clairaudience and clairvoyance opened and I found myself surrounded by beings of light, of immense love and wisdom everywhere I walked, communicating with me, announcing to me that I was a world teacher who would travel the world and support the development of The Divine University. 
My life since that time has been a conversation with enlightened masters everyday, years of deep meditation, daily visitations from Angels and Archangels by my side, guiding my every step as a teacher for the new humanity. Sharing a new way to be in a higher state of connection, opening a new path of love and wisdom and co-creation with many higher beings of light. 

It has been a co-creative journey of facilitating classes, schools, designing educational programs for the new human, writing books, facilitating spiritual journeys at sacred sites, speaking to groups, individuals everywhere from the love and wisdom that pours forth from the enlightened realms.

It continues to be a deep journey of research into the energy science of our human field/body/brain, a meeting of profound love with many hearts and souls, and an integration of new levels of higher consciousness each year in witness of human evolution and our potential for super conscious connection. We are far more than we know and the Great Mystery drives these amazing explorations and conversations. 

Higher States of Consciousness, transformation, the energy science of the new human, communication with higher beings of light and the earth’s guardians have been themes I have been exploring everyday with others since this full contact was made in 1997. It has been a journey of miracles, service, blessings, immense expansions into the pure love, and dynamic creative power of our human spirit, and every day is a another day to co-create with the Enlightened Ones, Archangels and Angels who are my best friends and loving companions.

The Divine is a true experience and you may be supported by the many Angels and Higher Light Beings beloved. Trust you are not alone, even if you cannot see or hear the loving Angelic Guides and Higher Light Beings with you. They are all around you and ready to
support you. 

So many people continue to be amazed at the heights of love, peace, happiness, and the natural high they can reach through special encounters with Qala, wondering how... through simply listening to Qala, it was possible that their energy state and experience could alter so deeply and so quickly, as if to be touched by the Angels, or the hand of God.

Qala Sri'ama Phoenix is the founder of The Sirius Library & The Divine University, an International Coach and Author. Qala is an ambassador for the enlightened masters, archangels and angels. Over the last 25 years, the new education, dispensations, and profound grace offered, has blessed and raised the quality of people's lives in over 45 countries. 

WHAT'S ON with QALA in 2023 

This year 2023, I continue with many projects and teams in The Divine University and The Sirius Library. I am involved in some special events in Mexico, also available via zoom:
Creating our Bridge of Light with the Angels

I am very excited to be returning to work with people publicly again, through Ocean of Love Coaching. 

If you wish to join me, in Mexico or for the Ocean of Love of Coaching, we will bridge hearts and our SuperConsciousness connection with many Angels, Archangels and Enlightened Ones to support you to open, grow and receive what you need to make a loving shift beloved. 
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