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Ocean of Love Coaching

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that support you to know how to disengage your feelings from duality experiences and learn how to reconnect your feeling nature to the higher sensations of love,  harmony, and peace

Quantum Shift Experience

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Bless & Kickstart Your Day with 25 minute Energy Top-ups, Energy Lift-offs and Master Key Meditations. You will be amazed!

Our Programs are Transformational Journeys

You will be AMAZED!

Our programs infuse you with higher frequencies, create shifts in your consciousness and are designed to bless every part of your life by shifting you into a higher level of connection. Many missing puzzle pieces are revealed within our programs that allow you to unlock your potential.

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Benefits of our Transformational Programs


   Quantum Shifts

Sirius Library programs are designed to shift your energy into a higher state & advance your personal development. Our long term students open hearts and loving wisdom share the results of of our high quality trainings.

   For your Spiritual Growth

Whether you wish to learn to open your heart fully, change your thinking, transform what is not working for you, develop mastery or powerfully expand your wisdom, knowledge & higher awareness, we can provide the divine energy & education you need.

   Greater Meaning & Purpose

Our divinely imbued teachings & energetic practices allow our students to receive love, light, navigate the world with an open heart & experience greater meaning & spiritual enrichment in their lives. A Higher Quality Life.

What people say
about our programs:

"I have completed the Win-Win Thinking Program, and I have to say, my life and being has changed 360 degrees as a result of this amazingly comprehensive, super effective and super useful training. It has provided me with an incredibly powerful positive, happy & informative experience to plug into every day. I look forward to my meditations every morning. This program has really helped clear my energy and assist me to cope with all the craziness going on in the world. I now feel a lightness of being, a positivity throughout the day. My life is now manifesting amazing WIN-WIN experiences in my interactions with others."
An’jeena, USA
"I do feel that Master Meditation offers the missing link ... For those who are not sure if they would benefit, I queried myself as to why I needed to study Master Meditation after already having done so many other wonderful courses, but I am now so glad that I am heart connected and divinely guided enough to let go of mind/ego thoughts and chose to do this course. In my experience, this is a must do course, not just a ‘good to do’ course. I am so grateful to Qala for grounding this work."
Vicky Jazlia, Australia
"Receiving the teachings of the Energy Science of Your Universal Connection was a thrilling and profound journey of discovery, learning and expansion for me. Qala Sri'ama is a brilliant, masterful teacher - generous, loving, nurturing and crystal clear. She models integrity and alignment consistently, while holding a remarkable space of choice and freedom. I still experienced the unfoldment and blessings for many months after receiving the program."
Peggy Jackson, USA
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