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Humanity's Helpers

Understanding the Angels, Archangels and Enlightened Ones 

Within the Sirius Library programs, you will experience wonderful uplifting encounters with the Angels, the Archangels or Your Higher Self, Your Divine Presence and The Enlightened Ones. From  1998 to 2020, Qala in the company of the Angels, Archangels and Enlightened Ones co-created over 150 transformational educational programs in service to the evolution and future of humanity. 

How is this possible?

Qala had her unique spiritual connection and direct communication with the Angels, Archangels & Enlightened Ones awakened powerfully in 1997 through a 2 year intensive period of daily 
'Divine Visitations'. Since this time, Qala has received 'Divine Visitations' each day, and served as a light bridge for Humanity to receive Divine Energy and Teachings for their personal growth and spiritual empowerment. Some of the Sirius Library programs offer you divine visitations or interaction with the Angels, Archangels or Enlightened Ones as you receive the divine energy and teachings.  

What is The Divine?  
'The Divine' has many names. Some people contemplate 'The Divine' as the Cosmos, or Universe. Others contemplate 'The Divine' as God, Great Spirit or Source. Others see the Divine as The Great Mystery or The Oneness. Others perceive it as the Unified Field of life or the Quantum Field.  

Qala proposes that The Divine-God-Source lives within the quantum/unified field of life and as we open our divine connection within our hearts and pillars of light, we can shift into higher states of connection and oneness with the Quantum Field and Divine Presence. 

Qala's teachings are based on the Divine nature of humanity and all beings and how we may embody and transmit that divine energy and consciousness to create transformation and higher manifestations in ourselves, our families, our communities, our world and society.

No more divine than you, yet truly divine I am...
This is my truth and the truth I hold for you...
Come into the arms of the Divine Mother and Father
Love and Wisdom...
and be nurtured and raised until
you feel you could be no more filled
Source awaits you! 
~ Qala Sri'ama

What is your Divine Presence?
Your Divine Presence is your Holy Spirit or Enlightened Nature. Your Divine Presence emanates and shares  compassion, wisdom. forgiveness and unconditional love with all beings. Your Divine Presence lives within you, and the pure love, light and power of your Divine Presence is contacted and can stream through you when you open your heart fully. Your Divine Presence is one with God/Source/Great Spirit or whatever you call the Oneness/Unified Field of Life/Quantum Field.  
Who are the Angels?
The Angels are souls that have wings of light which are created from having completed initiations of higher learning. Their wings of light allow them to be able to maintain to a higher vibration and avoid entanglements with negative energy or lower vibrations. Angels bring love and light to those who are open to receiving divine assistance. Some Angels have been human and evolved to become Angels. When a member of humanity leaves the earth plane, leaving their physical human body, in the afterlife they can enter an Angelic Body of Light simply by completing the initiations of love, compassion and forgiveness. 
When a human being becomes an Angel, they become an Angelic Guide or helper for all those in their human family on Earth. 

Angels have always been the closest helpers of humanity. Angels support the souls of new babies to come into their mother's womb and Angels are always present whenever someone is transitioning and leaving the earth plane. Angels are the helpers and supporters of humanity in their most challenging life experiences, when there is loss, pain and suffering. They bring comfort, energy and help to subtly ease loss, pain and suffering from those open to receiving assistance.  

Who are the Archangels?
The Archangels are the higher guides and protectors of all the Angels. Archangels carry an immense power and use it to protect and liberate beings who ask for assistance. Archangels guide large groups of Angels, and are always accompanied by large teams of Angels. Archangels work with divine law, including the Law of Truth, The Law of Liberty and the Law of Non-Interference (Protection). Archangels create change and transformation.  Some of the most well known Archangels are Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Jophiel, Archangel Tzadkiel, Archangel Sandalphon and Archangel Metatron. 

Who are the Enlightened Ones?
Long before humanity's star seeding or creation, many Loving Presences made a contract to be the loving guardians of the Earth and to assist the Earth and its being's in their evolutionary process. These ones are the Enlightened Masters. These Enlightened Presences have since guided the process of all soul's preparation on their journey into incarnation. 
How can they assist Humanity? 
The Angels, Archangels and Enlightened Ones are able to assist anyone, when there is a request for assistance and it is a true need of their soul. The Angels can assist us when we need love, grace or healing. They are not miracle healers that can remove obstacles in your life, but they can make things easier if you are prepared to slow down, and receive their Angelic energy. Archangels do not usually directly assist individuals, but instead can assist groups of people, or regions of the world. Archangels can prevent or stop or lessen the effect of worse scenarios that may be taking place, preventing even greater harm or circumstances worsening. The Enlightened Ones can assist you to raise your consciousness and shift out of the ego state into the heart and higher levels of connection. 
Why do they assist Humanity?
When invited the Angels, Archangels & Enlightened Ones connect with humanity as loving empowering 'helpers of humanity'. They remind us that we are precious, sacred and loved deeply, and that we have the power to evolve, transform and liberate ourselves no matter how difficult our challenges may be. We can receive divine assistance and solutions can be found to allow us greater grace and ease. Angels, Archangels and Enlightened Beings believe in the power of our hearts and the great potential of our human spirit. They assist humanity to encourage each of us to believe in ourselves, love, forgive ourselves and all others. 

If this is true, why is it that everyone's prayers do not always come true?
Three different circumstances directly affects the level of assistance that Angels, Archangels and Enlightened Ones can offer any person.
1. When karma is involved, light beings can assist and alleviate the situation but they cannot resolve it for any person, as this will take the persons learning and ability to make amends for creating this karma.

2. When a person's heart is closed, their energy field is also very closed and it is almost impossible for the light beings to fill them with love and higher energy, even if they are desperate to receive assistance. Instead they will help a soul with this difficulty to meet others who may be able to assist in the physical plane to help them open their heart a little. Once their heart is a little open, they can bring them healing and energy as a form of support.
3. When a person asks from their ego, demanding and expecting, the prayer's transmission does not always reach an Angel, due to the negative energy it is transmitted with. When a prayer is said with love, gratitude and heart energy, it is always received by Angels, Archangels or Enlightened Beings and all that can be done to assist the situation, will be immediately offered.
Are the Sirius Library Programs religious?
Sirius Library trainings promote a modern day spirituality. Modern Spirituality is a lifestyle that promotes happiness, connection, kindness, love, acceptance, wisdom, self empowerment, truth, compassion, creativity, peace, harmony, integrity, forgiveness, higher guidance and clarity. 

All religions in our world offer a set system of beliefs to individuals for their religious practice or worship of God or greater power source within life. Our modern day spiritual teachings simply carry one central belief - belief in the Divine nature of humanity, the world and all of life. A belief in the divinity of all beings and the source of love, light and power that lay in each being's heart. 

The Sirius Library programs and
The Divine University are not religious in our approach to spirituality, yet we honour all religions, faiths and beliefs that enhance and promote love, light and empowerment of all beings on earth. 

The Sirius Library offer meditations, teachings and spiritual journeys that create a deepening of divine connection and self realisation. We invite all who train with us to discover and determine their own belief systems. We encourage all who train with us to look at their beliefs, and to alter their beliefs in accordance to their self realisations and inner guidance. We believe as souls open their hearts, and cleanse their minds, new perspectives guide a soul to see and experience life more deeply with their heart energy.

The Sirius Library trainings and teachings are purely spiritual in nature. We encourage contact with the Divine without fear of judgment. We do not align to philosophies or religions that have set beliefs that promotes guilt, shame, criticism or judgment of beings. We align with all that promotes love, forgiveness, peace, wholeness and well being.  All of our teachings are based on unconditional love and the power of the human spirit to transform, forgive, enlighten and create amazing things for the world.   

Although many of the teachings and divine experiences received via the trainings are accompanied by blessings,  divine healing or wisdom transmissions which involve visitations of the Angels, Archangels, Christ, Mary, Buddha. Maitreya and other Enlightened Ones. 

Sirius Library teachings and meditations can enhance and bring blessings to people of all faiths and religions and also to those who are discovering their own faith and higher life purpose. Anyone can be spiritual without being religious, and anyone can be spiritual and also belong to a religious community.  This is a personal choice. 
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