Archangel Michael's Spiritual Blessing

Qala Sri'ama Phoenix
Blessed hearts, as you read this heart message, we begin to open a spiritual portal in your space. This comes in the form of a great golden and white light, birthing all around you.
A spiritual portal of light is the sacred space that brings divine grace to you. Divine grace is the highest level of assistance that can be given to a soul and involves receiving the highest level infusion of pure love and higher light frequency for the purpose of blessing a soul's life and freeing them from negative energies.It is this gift we bring to you now from the enlightened realms, in benefit of your life and the level of love and peace you experience. As we speak to you, 12 Archangels are beginning to step forth into the sacred space with you, to surround you in a circle of light. Their visitation is to clear the energy of your environment firstly, as we begin our message to you. They will then begin to raise the vibration of the field of energy you are in, 20 feet in every direction around you, so you may receive our support and the highest blessings we wish to bring to you, after we share our message with you.Take a few deep breaths before continuing to read, and simply say the words:
"I accept the LOVE and DIVINE ENERGY from the Archangels and give permission to receive the highest level cleansing."
Beloved, over the many coming months and years, we will be sending messages to you and offering to OPEN THE HEART PORTAL for you.

The reason we are offering this to all peoples on the earth at this time, is that every human being has the potential to either raise their consciousness and energetic vibration of light so they may open their hearts and experience peace, or they have the potential of being influenced by fear, unresolved energies of the collective and share in the negativity and projection of fear.

How can you live your life in greater love and peace in a world where there seems to be high degrees of suffering, and manifestations in the world such as war, poverty, hunger, homelessness, violations of abuse, greed and misuse, and damage to the earth?

This is the question of so many people who have begun to open their hearts and chosen the path of love, before fear. We bring a sacred response to this worldwide question that so many ponder, through the wisdom and love we hold for all peoples of the earth.

There is only one possible way, dear ones, to help support the great balance of all on earth and the great balance in your own life, and this is through creating peace in your own mind and heart, and through sharing your love and light, make a loving positive response to all you experience in the world. Listen to your heart and respond in the way your heart guides you.

Although this may not seem to greatly influence the greater scheme of what you see, hear, or know is occurring in your fellow humanity's relationships with each other, other species and mother earth, when you manifest true peace in your heart and mind, it is of the greatest benefit to all of life and offers the highest form of support that you can offer your fellow humanity, all life forms and mother earth, beloved.
In truth, the world you see and know from your perspective as a human being is only one small aspect of the world of the earth, and although it may seem harsh at times, that some may make choices that seem to inflict the greatest suffering on others, true peace cannot be achieved unless those who do choose to create peace offer forgiveness to all beings who are incapable of creating peace within their own hearts.
It is also true that it is only Absolute Forgiveness that can free a soul from being trapped in a darker state within their mind and heart. This absolute forgiveness is known as KARMIC ABSOLUTION. You may call for KARMIC ABSOLUTION for yourself or another, when you know they need absolute forgiveness to find peace in their hearts.

Those people on the earth that make these choices to harm others, use others or the earth for personal gain only, or those simply who seem cold and uncaring, are indeed the souls who have become trapped in this darker state in their minds and hearts. These souls know no other way and cannot see an alternate way to live as the negative energies and fears have concentrated into a form which separates them from their original light vibration, or essence. It is for this reason these souls do not experience love in their hearts or caring beyond their own set beliefs.

We speak of the terrorism now that has become prevalent in some areas of the world, and the mass media of your world that creates resource through the sharing of information which is also embedded with the unconscious energies of fear. The fear vibrations emanate from so many devices, and so many fields of energy that you enter dear ones, as you live your daily lives, that it is becoming essential to all of you now, to learn how to raise your energetic vibration, so your own energy field structures resonate to a higher level than the energy field that the mass media pumps fear into, every day, all around you.

Only through opening your heart, can you be empowered not to consume this fear into your being. Offering forgiveness to others, is one of the most powerful ways you can ensure you are OPENING YOUR HEART and therefore not consuming fear from the collective consciousness field. Learning to respond from your heart to what you see, hear and feel which is uncomfortable for you, is one of the keys to living life and creating THE GREAT BALANCE for yourself and all others.

It is this reason we are bringing this new dispensation to all of humanity and offering THE HEART PORTAL to you. For it is very difficult to raise your vibration and continue to keep your hearts and minds clear of fear, when the mass media is emanating fear through so many devices and everyone around you is taking in these fears and negative energies and sharing them with you.

It is not possible for you to simply separate yourself from the energy of others or from these devices, as your new way of communication and the new technological advances through the internet, also bring great positive changes to you and your world, beloveds.

It is for this reason we are suggesting that just as negative implications may manifest from the new technologies, such as fear being distributed and shared on a mass level, it is important for you to see that this will always be balanced with equally positive manifestations through the same new technologies.
THE HEART PORTAL is one aspect of what is now being offered, to hold the Great Balance on Earth and for you to Live in Balance with Mother Earth all Beings. For when a Spiritual Portal is opened for you, you may receive the highest level of grace, as specific support for you and your life purpose. This grace will now be brought forth to you.
As we speak to you about this, the 12 Archangels in visitation with you, now offer you a special cleansing of all fear and negative energies you may have received through encounters with others and through the fear based transmissions emanating from the mass media, beloved.

They come to you now and place their wings around you and simply ask that you close your eyes for 5 minutes as they pulse you with the special divine energy to cleanse all fear from your soul, spirit, mind and body, that you may have taken on unconsciously through encounters with others or through devices emanating fear or negative energies.

As you rest for these 5 minutes, we ask you to simply say the sacred words of a mantra in your mind, repeating it over and over for the 5 minutes. This sacred mantra is:
This is the ancient mantra of light, which opens your crown chakra and the master eye in the top of your head, so you may receive the pure light from Source, beloved.

It is important to mantra this as it will allow your body, mind, soul and spirit to receive the special blessing to the highest level now.

Begin now, with closing your eyes and repeating this mantra. As you do this, we will place a special dispensation into your crown chakra to protect it from all negative energies or fears, entering your field in the future.

This is our way of thanking and supporting you for all of your highest intentions, love and service to your families, friends, communities, and your world. After you receive this blessing, you may feel tired as this is the sign of the fears and negative energies leaving you.
With all our love and blessings,

Archangel Michael

on behalf of The Enlightened Ones
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