Emotional Freedom - 5 keys to powerfully change the way you feel

Qala Sri'ama Phoenix
Beautiful heart,
One thing we were all not taught in school is that we are Energy beings
and that we all have the power to shift into a higher energetic state.
We all have the power change the way we feel.

We hope you enjoy Qala's teaching on some of the most important understandings
and keys to access your power to create your emotional freedom. 

Discover the 5 Keys to your Emotional Freedom

What is your Emotional Channel? 

Your emotional channel is a special connection you have to be able to feel others, feel yourself, and your energetic environment. It is the channel of your feeling nature. It is also called your Earth Feminine Spirit. 

Your Earth Feminine Spirit is one of the 6 streams of your human Spirit and is an essential component of your inner self. Your emotional channel is also known as your Shakti or feminine serpent of your kundalini.

Your emotional channel is a unique pathway that exists in your physical body and energy field. It is co-ordinated by a system of chakras and energy centres. 

Your emotional channel senses the energy and the feelings of yourself and others and senses the energy and feelings of your environment. You can think of it as a stream of energy that is your unique inner power to feel.  

One of the power sources of our emotional channel is held in the base of our physical body. Our Hara chakra is another important energy centre of your emotional channel. 9 special energy centres co-ordinate your emotional channel. 

When our Spirit travels through our emotional channel and raises into our Heart, we experience the amazing feelings of love, joy, bliss. 

Our emotional channel (Shakti) is also one of the two streams of our sensual and sexual nature within our intimate relationships. It is an extraordinarily beautiful part of your inner self. It is the most sensitive part of your whole being and when embraced and loved can create sensational experiences. 

When our Shakti raises and travels into higher levels of our physical body and higher dimensions of our energy body and chakras simultaneously with our masculine serpent of our kundalini, we experience orgasmic bliss sensations physically.

The higher they raise and travel together through our central channel, the greater the transcendental experience of expanding our consciousness into divine states of bliss and oneness. 

What happens when your Emotional Channel is blocked? 

When our emotional channel is blocked, we lose touch with our true feelings, and the feelings of others in our life. This can take place on many levels from the subtle shades of feeling down, empty, sad, angry or depressed to more extreme feelings of being overtaken by emotions and losing control of your words and actions.

When our emotional channel is blocked there is always a sense of feeling out of touch or out of tune with yourself - especially the softer, more open aspect of yourself. 

When it is fully blocked, we no longer know what we truly feel, or how others feel, and we tend to move on in life with a loss of feeling. We can become overtaken by unresolved feelings and become another personality.

We either lose our sense of feeling, empathy, and emotional connection with others or we become the emotions of others and exhibit over emotional, irrational behaviours.

We tend to react to what life brings us rather than embrace what comes our way with an open mind and heart. We tend to react and speak in ways that are not true to our heart and soul.

If we have a blocked channel, we can easily become emotionally stressed when things do not go to our plan. Unresolved emotions can arise out of us unexpectedly, and we often say or think things or act in ways that are defensive, negative or project negativity or blame on others.

When our emotional channel is partially or fully blocked, it can also create us to only express the physical aspect of our sexuality and our soul & heart expression within intimate experiences is filtered by the unresolved emotions and fears held in our emotional channel. This can lead us to yearn to break free or stop our involvements with intimacy.  

What are the primary symptoms of blockage in the emotional channel? 

- a loss of motivation to do things you have previously enjoyed
- regular lower energy states or lots of 'ups and downs' 
- feeling tired of feeling the same way
- it is easy to react: strong emotional reactions when emotionally stressed 
- periods of feeling everything in your life is way too much for you
- feeling like walking away, giving up or stepping back from some of your relationships
- emotional distancing and regular feelings of either over-caring or not caring 
- withdrawal from social activities 
- emotional withdrawal from others when feeling out of sorts
- loss of love and joy and passion 

If you experience 3 of these symptoms, it is a sign you have energy blockages in your emotional channel that block your love and joy from being experienced in your life.  

What creates our feelings? 

Our feelings are the ‘energy in motion or emotion’ that is formed within our emotional channel. Our feelings are the energy moving through our emotional channel into our emotional body and they are the energy moving out of our emotional body through our emotional channel either into our physical body or into our energy field.

Our feelings are created by our thoughts. They are primarily created as we exchange energy in relationship with ourselves, others, and our world. Our feelings are made from a combination of 3 different sources of energy, that our belief system filters, as engage in thought.

The 3 sources of emotional energy are :
  • our thoughts about others
  • our thoughts about ourselves
  • our thoughts about what is happening now, what has happened in the past and what will happen in the future

Our feelings are created, as we release our thoughts. The more time and energy we give to some thoughts, it creates a stronger feeling to form within us about the subject of our thoughts. This is the emotion or energy in motion that is produced by our thoughts.  

What happens when you open and clear your emotional channel? 

When you open and clear your emotional channel, you are freed of heavy unresolved energies. Your emotional states become balanced and you feel your emotional empowerment in the presence of others. 

Conversations that once were more challenging or very difficult, no longer activate unconscious fears and unresolved feelings to arise. You have less anxiety, and lower feeling states and you have more heightened feelings or feelings of calmness. You will no longer be triggered by others, situations and have personality shifts or feel overtaken if you engage in emotionally stressful situations or people. 

Your mind begins to destress and relieve itself of pressures, and oversensitivity decreases and any lack of sensitivity or feeling heals to free you of old emotional blocks and old emotional patterns.

What happens when you raise your Shakti energy?  

When you raise your Shakti, your emotional channel begins to fill with supercharged energy and you begin to channel higher emotions such as love, joy and bliss. 

You experience divine feelings as your emotional channel fills with divine energy sourced from the heart of the earth and the pure light and pure love of your earth feminine spirit. 

You shift into heightened feeling state and your emotional body shifts into a higher dimension of energy.  

5 Keys to Emotional Freedom - Change the Way you Feel

Emotional freedom is a true experience, when you take the time to love and nurture yourself, clear your emotional channel and fill your emotional body with pure love. Your natural power to have a lot of good feelings always initiates when you shift the vibrational frequency in your emotional channel and emotional body to a higher vibrational frequency. This will set you up to have emotional empowerment for the rest of your life.

Your path to emotional freedom is empowered through the following 5 keys:

1. Opening and Clearing your Emotional Channel (Shakti) of your emotional energy blockages is much easier than you think.

2. Receiving Infusions of Pure Love into your Emotional Body and Emotional Channel, with the Angels and Archangels is more than possible and can take place everyday.
3. Changing your Belief system to align to having Higher Feeling States takes place through breaking old agreements to the negative unconscious beliefs you hold within you about your feelings.

4. Raising your Shakti to Supercharge and Heighten your Feelings is a natural inner power we are all born with and therefore it can be activated quickly.

5. Thinking Positively about your Feelings and Remembering your Shakti energy is Beautiful and Natural creates higher feelings instantly. 

How does Ocean of Love Coaching help someone to clear their emotional channel and raise their Shakti energy?

Ocean of Love Coaching is a deep journey of loving and nurturing your feeling nature with the support of the Angels, Archangels and your Divine Presence. It teaches you how to create a whole new relationship with your feelings as you are bathed in an Ocean of Love and your emotional channel is opened and cleared one level at a time. 

Ocean of Love Coaching offers you 6 coaching lessons and 6 Higher Energy Journeys and documented easy, quick coaching practices. Qala recommends you spend 10 days absorbing each coaching session before receiving the next lesson.  

Ocean of Love Coaching guides you how to break the old agreements to shift belief systems as well as infuses pure love into your emotional body. It is journey designed with the higher purpose to support you to shift into higher states of feeling. 

You will be supported by the Angels and Archangels to open and clear your emotional channel,  and raise your Shakti energy.

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