Every word we speak is a moment of creation …

Lelama Jyumaali Sjamar
Our every word has the potential to be inspiring, inviting, engaging, clear, confident, loving, deploying truth into the Field and with its energy and consciousness create a moment of upliftment, empowerment, a new perspective. One Sound is all it takes ...
On the sound vibration of our voice we transmit into the world the energy we hold inside of ourselves, of feeling love, connection or separate, of thinking light, clear, truth or confused, of being passionate, inspired, confident or seeking, longing, doubting. 

At the same time the word, the vocabulary we choose, sends a message that is positive, engaging, inspiring, or negating, questioning, avoiding the subject or truth being spoken. With our words we can choose to honour and build upon the previous moment, or we can choose to break down the validity and accuracy of what is presented.Normal text.

Our Power of Creation

The Universal Law of Creation states where we focus our energy and consciousness, is where we create… growth. We build, we energize, we infuse light with our words, our truth, our voice. What we sense and feel, what we think travels via our words into the field, into a conversation. We set energy in motion. 

All we speak carries the energy, the vibration we hold inside of us. It also reflects what we think and feel about the subject we speak of, or the being(s) we speak to. We influence the field the person sits within when they receive our words and our energy. We are responsible for the energy our words and voice create. 

This power of creation each one of us holds, brings forth the invitation of discernment, the necessity of inquiry, of taking responsibility… Will I speak this? How will it affect the field, the person? Is this really what I want to say, what I want to create? As you embrace this power, you enable yourself to choose!

Our Divine Voice

Igniting our Divine Voice opens a connection inside of us that resonates with Love, Light, Divine Energy, with the Truth of our Soul and Spirit, that exalts beyond the daily encumbrances of the mind, the thoughts, the feelings, the habitual responses and automatic patterns of speech and behaviour. 

Our Divine Voice carries a higher vibrational energy and consciousness that reflects the truth of our Higher Self, a greater perspective, an all encompassing ability to see Truth, Light, Beauty, to speak with awareness of the omnipresence of Love, Peace, Harmony. So every word we speak, creates a new moment of love, wisdom, and empowerment.

Drawing the divine energy from within our Heart, from the Field of the Earth and the Universe into our voice and words, gives us the power to honour and recognize the presence of this divine energy in every being, able to flow through every word. Not only do we raise the frequency in our own words and messages, we enable the whole field and every other being to do the same.
Igniting your Divine Voice is simple… it is natural… it is birthing an energy, a power that lives within you since the day you were born.

One Sound is all it takes...

One sound is all it takes to begin the journey of opening your Divine Voice, and bringing the divine energy, the power from within you, out into the world… a sacred sound that you make from a place deep within you in all reverence of the Truth of your Heart and Soul.

You are infinitely connected with all of Life – Breathing into the bright light of the Eternal Flame in your Heart, you open your connection with your Soul, with your vast spiritual nature, with the Earth and the Universe. Expanding your Flame in all directions on your breath opens a doorway to a place of oneness deep within you.

As you breathe into this sacred space in your heart, this connection will bring to you a sound, birthing from the depth of your Soul through your Heart into your Voice. Embrace the sound… bathe your self in this sound. This sound may be so unique and unusual, and yet your Soul inside you will resonate, will know the truth of this sound and the power it creates.

Allowing the sound to grow into a series of sounds that are unusual, strange, and yet in some way so familiar, only you will birth these sounds of your Soul. Yet when your voice resonates with the true vibration of their love, and your words offer pure light and truth, all will recognize and accept their meaning.

You will naturally begin to speak with Love from a sacred place of Truth and Wisdom. When you develop the sacred sound language of your Divine Voice, even in your Mother Tongue the resonance of Love, Truth will be present, and with your every word a new vibration is born. 
Will you open the door to your Soul's truth, and allow yourself to communicate from a very authentic, real place, enhancing your relationships and creations in your life with love, truth and divine energy?

You are welcome to join a group of loving souls who all embark on a one year journey to ignite their Divine Voice and learn to work with your Power of Creation with Lelama Sjamar in the Self Mastery School of Divine Voice
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