The Great Earth Council of Wisdom

Qala Sri'ama Phoenix
This is a message to remind us all, that we are linked through Gaia's heart and all the great work of many Souls on Earth that involves decisions made from the awareness that what we choose now, paves the way for the next 7 generations on Earth - our beloved children's children's children and their children.

Communing through Mother Earth's Heart

The Meeting of Great Earth Council of Wisdom

When I close my eyes and go into my heart, I find myself in the presence of a great earth council that caretakes the Earth and all beings, with Gaia.

I cannot count the number of beings in this council as it seems so large, infinitely spread in circles within circles within circles. They sit quietly, in stillness, knowing deeply the Earth Mother's request for all beings, holding the consciousness of the light for all on Earth. I become aware this is an evergrowing circle, and members join it regularly as they come into owning their wisdom and begin to truly use it wisely, in service to the Earth and the coming generations of all beings birthing here.

When I look around the circle, I see elders, ancient ones, enlightened beings, ascended souls and I see children in the circle. I see souls not of the physical body who are from other realms of the earth, and souls who are presently in the physical body living a life in the collective of humanity.

I see the same thing in their eyes, a great wisdom and inner peace and light. Their strength as a circle, ignites the truth in my soul, as my light seems to also belong, and unite and strengthen the circle.

As I gaze around at them, I see some are with eyes closed and not aware of me. I am aware they are travelling and doing their work of spreading the light as wisdom keepers, as guided by the Great Mother.

I see a long beautiful heart cord that links us all as a circle and I see it as pure gold, with all colours of the rainbow within it. It is such a pure connection this circle holds. As I follow the heart cord it links into the heart of the Mother, Gaia. I feel her guiding this circle, deeply.

I see others in the circle smile, and as I look into their eyes, I see a fire between us. It is ancient, and seems to have never gone out and I realise this is the fire of creation, and together as a circle, we are sourcing this power to assist the highest path of creation.

An elder who appears from Peru, on the left of me, looks at me. As I become aware of him, he is aware of my developing awareness. I hear his voice inside my mind.
"Welcome dear sistar, you have been here for some time, but this is the first time you have opened your eyes to see yourself with us. For many years, you have sat with us and with eyes closed in the circle of wisdom, traveled to many places, sharing wisdom. This is a part of your life cycle and circle. Know you are awakening now as we are coming to you, and the work will be more conscious with us now. We bless you and all you do."
As I received this message, I looked down at my knees, the fire blazing so deeply I could sense the smoke and feel the heat of it, and I could see the dirt underneath me... that this was a physical and spiritual experience.
"You are in the dreamtime," he continued to speak to me:

"The dreamtime is as real as the physical, earthly experience you have when you walk in your body. This is the first lesson of wisdom I offer you as an elder. It is real, and in fact, all your experiences in the physical body source themselves from your experiences in the dreamtime, dear sistar.

In the dreamtime, you are a part of this council, as are many others. Together we hold the consciousness for all on Earth who are awakening, or are in a state of unconsciousness, or overtaken by the ego. You carry a puzzle piece as do all, and you have simply awakened it, as will all, in time, my dear sistar.

From this place, we know all will be well, even if we do not know it from the place of being in the physical. Wisdom sources from this place, so one may trust all one receives when one connects to the greater circle of this council."

I thanked him and recognised his soul was incarnated on Earth in Peru and he was about 72 years old, in the body. I looked into his heart, and he showed me his life. He had pain about his family, loss of his wife, and also some fear about the earth and all occurring to her, but this seemed small when he opened his heart to his truth and the light within him, and felt the power of the circle he was in.

He continued to speak:
"Yes in the body, I experience myself differently at times. I have pain, but this pain has led me to greater wisdom. Here in the dreamtime, I can see that pain and heal it with the light. My family and people are in pain, and I hold this for them so they too can remember they have the power to heal their pain with their light."
I thanked him again, and was deeply touched by his soul. His spirit seemed so old, an ancient one, and yet his soul, like mine, was incarnated in the body, to remember, and help others to remember.

I witnessed him and he began to close his eyes, he began to travel. As he did this, he winked at me and a blast of light ignited my energy. I became aware of being with him, traveling through the rainbow golden cord which now appeared like a tunnel.

He was everything, and so was I as we dispersed into the field, and experienced our consciousness beyond form, with no body, just as pure light, and then we came into dimensional experience again and into form again.

He was next to me, and I was in my body in my home. He was in the air all around me, and in an etheric form as a shaman. I knew we were in connection via the earthly plane of the physical. He shared with me, he was also in his body, in Peru, conscious of me and that I was in the air all around him, and he could sense me as a spirit, a woman of wisdom next to him. This brought a smile to me.

He continued to speak:
"So yes, my dear sistar, we connect through the field. We will always do this. Know you may always call on me as I can always call on you. This is the beauty of our greater wisdom. Pass this message onto the world you know. Let them receive the teaching that we all share the field and connect to each other, beyond physical space and time constraints, through THE FIELD. I will do the same, beloved sistar.

We have each other and we connect through the field as Spirit. We can also strengthen each other.

Let them all know, the Great Earth Council of Wisdom, may be their dreaming council.

They may be sitting as a member of this, if they are holding all of humanity in their hearts, as do all members of this council.

Invite them to hold all of humanity in their hearts with you and me and the rest of the Great Earth Council, so they can be guided by Gaia.

Ask them to let go of their pain that may cloud their wisdom.

To see all peoples, even those that seem to harm the earth or others, with the eyes of compassion rather than from their pain, or the eyes of anger, grief or judgement.

There is no blame given on the path of wisdom. Life is at it is, evolving, and with wisdom, all problems have solutions. With love, all loss can be reclaimed. With light, all pain can be healed.

A deep beautiful experience reminding us, that we are one. The wisdom lay within our hearts and our connection to Gaia.

Beloveds, the Great Earth Council of the Dreamtime is as real as all the people you may believe hold all of the power on Earth to make decisions. Try to see that those seeming to be in power, are only in power in the physical realm. There is a large group of beings who hold the power of creation with Gaia, in the dreamtime, and these ones do witness all occurring on Earth."
As I sat consciously in this council, I was aware of members of the council traveling to be with all those in positions of power, policy making etc in governments and in homes to be with family members. Key journeys were occurring, and through the field, these souls of great wisdom, were bringing wisdom to these others.
"Let them know that if they carry the belief in their fellow humanity and have faith in them, even those that seem to be driven by the ego and leading our collective into further self destruction will awaken and come into wisdom and connection to their hearts.

Holding faith in your fellow humanity is part of the sacred service to humanity and the Earth Mother. Let them know that if they are unable to hold the faith, it is time to heal their own pain with the light, forgive humanity and themselves, and enter a deeper heart connection within their own being. This work alone will bring a Soul into connection with their wisdom and they will begin to enter connection with the Wisdom Council for the Earth."
Carrying the faith in all beings, is one of our greatest tasks at this time, and this comes with respect in our fellow humanity, and with compassion for ourselves and others. Try to place yourself in other's shoes, to have compassion for them when you believe they are wrong. Take the wrongs out of your mind and vocabulary, and you will be compassionate to yourself as well. This is the path of our hearts, and is the thread to being in oneness with our Mother Gaia who carries infinite compassion for our humanity.

Blessed Be, Blessed Be, Blessed Be all beings!
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