Understanding How to Keep the Love Flowing in Your Close Relationships

Qala Sri'ama Phoenix
The blessings of a relationship based on true love is the freedom each soul gives to the other to lead their own life, as they each offer to return back to them to share true love with them.
Universally every soul has many potentials to have this true love relationship but it the karma both souls have created though all previous relationships, and the way they have treated their own previous partners, husbands or wives that impacts most powerfully on the manifestation and life circumstances couples find themselves in when they meet, fall in love and begin to truly merge their lives together.
Finding a common ground, a place of heart connection where both souls can feel safe to share their truth and true feelings is what keeps a relationship grounded and the flow of love moving from one heart to heart in a genuine way.
When this love is no longer flowing, both souls find an emptiness inside, or a sense of an emptiness between them and it requires both souls to want to fuel their relationship again. It cannot occur from only one side. So often one or both members of the couple believe the other is not willing to do this because they do not see them offering them love in the same way as they are doing. It must be understood every soul is unique not only in their own being but in the way they express and share love with their partner.

Understanding your partner's way of sharing and expressing love is liberating for your mind, for it will not be the same way you express and share love. It allows your mind to no longer project on your partner and allows you to release fears that they do not truly love you or wish to share love with you.

Understanding you own path in sharing love with your partner is also very important so you may know yourself and your way of balancing this flow of love.

Many people begin to grow away from each other, rather than grow together by sharing of love, simply because they project their own expectations of HOW TO LOVE and WHAT THEIR PARTNER IS NOT GIVING THEM on their partner.

Ask yourself now – what are your rules on HOW TO LOVE A PARTNER? And understand this is your present way of Loving Another. Create a list – a check list and understand your partner may not fulfil this check list. When you have a special moment with your partner, lovingly ask your partner what their ideas or rules are on HOW TO LOVE A PARTNER. You will soon see what they consider as "Acts of love" and understand that you may or may not fulfil their check list and understand where you may feel pressured to fulfil them as their partner.

Often what causes the most problems in a relationship, is a dishonesty with yourself about this, which leads to dishonesty in your relationship and miscommunications with your partner because of lack of understanding of how each other expresses love. This is also compounded when their is a lack of awareness of what each partner's true needs are.
To be fulfilled in your relationship, honesty with yourself is essential. Honesty about how you express love and how they express love and honesty about your true need and their true need is what allows a relationship to grow and flourish and for the love to continue to flow.
Every soul has a need of love from their partner, yet this need is very particular for every soul if they have missed something deeply in relationship before. People enter deeper relationships to be closer with each other and be love and supported in this true need. Each partner's deepest soul yearning to be met in a specific way relates to their soul's true need.

The true need of your partner when discovered by you, allows you the freedom to give this to them and relate in a very special way to them. When you understand how your partner and you express love, and your mind accepts this, you can begin to let go of placing expectations on your partner to express love in the way you do. You can become close enough as a couple to learn from each other, what each other truly needs to stay flowing with love relating heart to heart each day.

This true need is unique for every soul but it is the one thing a soul seeks and yearns for from their partnership and it is the one thing they have missed deeply and when it is received, they feel fulfilled on a core level through their relationship. When you understand your partner's true need, you can love them in a whole new way and choose to give them what they have missed deeply as a soul, that will fulfil their heart and whole being. When you love your partner in this way, they will heal their soul of something hidden deep inside. Your Love can create the greatest level of soul healing for them and their Love if expressed to give you your true need can create the greatest soul healing for you in life.

This is the highest potential of TRUE LOVE in a relationship based on a commitment to Love and be honest with each other. If this resonates with you, begin with your check list to understand your ideas or rules about HOW TO LOVE YOUR PARTNER. Discover theirs, and choose to no longer project your rules on them and be disappointed if they do not follow your rules. This will create greater closeness, and your bond of true love to grow. As you become closer to each other, discover your true need and share it with them so they may understand you and what your soul is healing. Ask them what their true need is, so you may understand them and what is truly important for them.

May you have a blessed relationship! Love heals all wounds!
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