Light Language is Easy... and Immensely Powerful

Lelama Jyumaali Sjamar
Light Language is the sacred vibrational language of our Soul and Spirit.  
Light Language easily reveals the true essence, the vast and multidimensional nature of our being. Every Soul holds this sacred vibrational language innately inside of our being. When we give ourselves permission, Light Language may birth from within the love of our Soul's heart to change our energy and consciousness. 
So many people hold the dream, the intention to be their true and authentic self, to know who they are, to live their true and higher purpose here on Earth. Is this your dream, your vision for yourself? Light language is an immensely powerful and playful way to achieve this.

Our Soul holds a special Language, unique to each one, natural and so easily expressed, once we decide it is time to let the genie out of the box. When we choose to be our true authentic self, our soul essence, our vast spiritual nature here now, and live our life in the true resonance and vibration, the love and wisdom of our Soul and Spirit, the most powerful way to bring this out into our physical reality is to speak in Light Language. 

The Sound Stream of the Light Language of the Soul and Spirit will create our true energy and consciousness to vibrate in our heart and mind, in our cells, our brain, our body, and expand into our energy field. This genuine vibration of who we are as a being of light will begin to merge into our thoughts, words and actions, into the vibration of our voice and energy. 

This opening of the truth of our being happens naturally, when we give space for this essential resonance, or true frequency to be released from deep within us, into our body, mind and field. This will raise the vibration of the energy and consciousness in our being, in our body to match, to reflect and resonate with the true frequencies of our Soul and Spirit. 

So simple can it be to discover who we are, our Gifts, by letting the sacred language of our Soul, of our Spirit, flow from inside our heart out into our voice, our sounds, our words, to fill our heart, mind, body with the Power of Love and Light Frequencies of our greater nature. 
Light language is a sacred vehicle of communication that bypasses the mind, enters the heart and opens a connection to the multidimensional nature of our Soul and Spirit, our connection with the Earth and Universe and All Beings.

How can we open ourselves to speak the sacred Light Language of our Soul and Spirit? 

Bringing out this authentic vibration of our soul and spiritual nature, we simply enter into our heart, into the deepest place in our Flame of Love, Light and Power in the centre of our heart chakra, in the centre of our chest. Just like that… we step into our heart, we say yes, and allow the sound language to rise out of us.

The first moments are like being a infant or little child again, playing with sounds, strange, cute, little, powerful, strong sounds, that simply well up from within our heart. Most importantly sounds that our beautiful mind does not recognize the meaning of. 

It may seem unusual, childish perhaps, at first. It may seem like trying, rather than speaking a new language. Surely we all remember the first steps of learning to walk, speak, a new trade or skill… Opening the door to a new reality is a step by step process of gentle invitation, loving persistence and unconditional trust. 

The more the mind can step aside, the more freely the sound will flow. And vice versa, the more freely the sound flows, the more the mind will step aside. It is a wonderful symbiotic cycle, as the mind dissolves and merges into the heart, the true language and vibration of the Soul is revealed. 

To be in a natural, beautiful, gracious, spacious environment is very beneficial for the mind to relax and the heart to open. In the shower, in the ocean, in the forest, on the beach our Soul finds a sacred space with Mother Earth and the natural elements, that enhances the freedom of expression and exploration. 

The Light Language comprises of specific mantras in the sacred sound language, as well as a flow of sacred sounds and kis that birth from within the heart of our Soul. There is a vast science to the opening of the Light Languages and the different octaves of the Divine Voice. However, the first step is simple and easy to achieve. 

The Mantra MA LE LA is a powerful mantra that assists greatly in opening the heart of the Soul to love, to the Field of Love, to the Mother of Love, to the Power of Love, and bring this Love into our being, into our heart, body and the field around us. 

Sounding the Mantra in long open resonant heart tones MAAAAA LEEEEEEE LAAAAAA, will assist the Heart to open and the Mind to relax, to then from there easily open up the Light Language of our Soul from within our heart.

Once the sounds begin to birth from within our heart, a stream may open. It is as if the sound language creates it self, just effortlessly flows from our heart and voice into the space around us. This is when the energy begins to build and activates the process of transformation in energy and consciousness internally and around us. 

Initially the Light Language may come and go. The mantra and the pure intention to open the Soul's sacred light language from within us, will bring us back to another stream of sound to move through us, that will change our energy and consciousness and opens the door to the true resonance of our Soul and Spirit. 
Regular daily practice of speaking the Light Language of the Soul and Spirit will open a door to birth with grace and joy the greater Love, Wisdom and Guidance of our immensely vast Spiritual Nature or Higher Self, liberate the spiritual Gifts each Soul holds within themselves to deliver to the Earth. We have a sense of belonging and discover why we are here, what we have come to bring in this life.


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