Message from Presence

Qala Sri'ama Phoenix
Take my hand... and know you do not need to know the way, beloved. You simply need to wish in your heart, for a way where you can be free and still, peaceful, completely. In your heart is the truth, the light that guides you.
Trust this light inside of you and meet your heart with self respect, self love, and know this light will then guide you. To honour the light within, opens a door, so vast, so wide, the great kindness and compassion you may hide at times, inside, will well up and form itself to be a smile that looks upon the world with this same energy, kindness.

That which you would wish for another to receive, in your very heart, that you have opened your heart to, for them, truly also opens it for you. Take my hand and pray from the very core of your heart, for others like you, and know as you hold them in your heart, this prayer will open a door in you.

The specialness of life is unseen, unknown, and no longer felt when we cannot see the light within and feel our soul’s light shining within. You too are powerful indeed, for this light shines inside of you.
Take my hand... and let the light shine from you, through the kindness and compassion of your heart as you greet another you may not have been able to accept, love, or trust with your heart.
This will heal a part of you that needs the light, to shine, and that may guide you to walk away, separate or close your heart to all that mirrors your soul’s journey here, your lessons in life, and all that you are here to embrace with your divine love and light.

Strengthen your light by taking my hand, and letting the light shine from within, through your kindness and compassion to any other you have been unable to open your heart to. As you do this now, you are healing a part of yourself that has been unable to open the heart and trust others with your heart.

You have a beautiful heart, so powerful, yet in this moment, it is a choice beloved, to either walk away, deny the power of your heart, distrust your heart to stay open, or to open it through your kindness and compassion in this moment. This message is simply offered to you so you may know the hand of God is always there for you, but it is your choice to meet others with kindness and compassion, instead of walking away, closing your connection or choosing to no longer be open in your heart energy to any other.

Know you are your own healer and your heart carries the light, your healing power, to unite any part of your self with the love and light. That which you give to others, you give to yourself. That which you close to others, you close in yourself. Your relationships are your sacred mirror.
Take the hand of God... and walk through the illusions of all mirrors, with kindness and compassion to others.
This is what enables you to hold true forgiveness in any moment needed, beloved. Seeing through the eyes of love, kindness and compassion, you see the child in another, and inside, their light, and your heart when focused on this, can forgive all and allow your light to connect to all. 
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