Dec 7 / Qala Sri'ama Phoenix

Online Transformational Programs with Qala Sriama Phoenix

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Hi I am Qala from The Sirius Library - an amazing online digital platform of meditations, teachings and trainings created for your personal growth, spiritual empowerment and our collective shift.

It is a Library of Light, that raises your vibration, offers clarity, wisdom, love and expands your heart energy each time you make contact with it. Taking time out to create your energetic shift makes your life flow, attracts wonderful things to you and lifts you out of negativity into a new alignment that infuses you with happiness, joy, love, light and empowerment. Join The Sirius Library and be supported to make your personal and collective shift. Changing how you feel and opening yourself to the greater blessings is possible right now.

All my love, Qala
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