Power Prayer for the Healing Support of All with Covid-19

Qala Sri'ama Phoenix
Beautiful hearts, We invite you to say this Power Prayer for all who may be ill with the Coronavirus.

The Power Prayer for all who may be ill with the Coronavirus

Beloved God/Great Spirit/Source,

We say this World Prayer now for every woman, man and child who has Coronavirus in their body now. May the rain of blessings fall upon them and the Holy Mother hold them, comfort and infuse divine love through their body. Wherever they may be, we call on the Divine Assistance Teams and Enlightened Healing Grace to deactivate the growth or replication of this virus through their body’s system, if this be in divine order and be the wish of their Soul to receive healing now.

We call on their higher selves and Holy Spirit to infuse their body with enough love to begin the healing process within their bodies now. We call on the universal laws of Grace, Love and Forgiveness to emblazon their bodies, minds and souls to initiate the first level of healing to accelerate in divine order for their beings now. We call on their Angelic Healing Presence of Grace, to initiate the highest level of Divine Grace within and around them and within every cell of their body now.

We call on the Angelic Healing Presence and Higher Selves of every Doctor, Nurse, Friend and Family Member aiding them through their healing crisis to step forth to bring the greatest ease and grace to each man, woman and child with Coronavirus now.

In the name of each person, bearing this illness, and all people who may become infected, we ask and pray for the medicine and remedies for this illness to be manifested and created. We call for the highest guidance to come to every man or woman working on a solution and may they receive all the resource they need to discover the best remedy for our physical body.

We ask and pray that every soul on the Earth infected by this Virus receive the highest blessings and healing of their body today. May they be cocooned in love, as they receive the frequencies to eliminate, deactivate or slow down the virus through their bodies systems now. We call on the highest dispensations to every man, woman and child with Coronavirus now.

We call for the Platinum Net to be swept through every cell, every strand of DNA and every cell, atom and photon of their biochemistry now. We call on the Divine Presence of their Soul to sweep the holy spirit flame through every cell of their body, and through the water matrix of their body now. We ask and pray for the Strengthening of their energy systems and the toning, strengthening, balancing, healing and protection of their physical body, respiratory, circulatory, nervous, endocrine and immune systems. We ask and pray they receive Diamond Light, Electric Blue Light and Divine Love Infusions in every cell of their physical body and through each organ and anatomical system of their body now in divine order for their beings.

We call for their Angelic Guides to infuse the violet flame through their energy body so they may be supported to be more peaceful & receive deeper cellular healing and cleansing of this virus from their bodies now. We say these prayers, in the name of every soul who carries Coronavirus in their bodies now.

We call for every cell in the physical body that holds the virus to be illuminated with electric blue light with the highest concentrations. We ask and pray all people ill are willing to receive the divine assistance we ask for them on their behalf now. We call on God’s healing power of Grace to bless each one of them and every cell of their body now.

If it be divine will, we call for the neutralization of all pathogens, contagions in the human living system of ………………………(insert the names of anyone with the Virus that you know). We call on the Legions of Light to amplify this healing prayer and healing grace, in divine order for each woman, man and child and their present situation. We call on the Legions of Light to enter every hospital on Earth now and to bring the healing grace to every Covid-19 hotspot in the world now.

We ask for these people to be blessed, strengthened and to receive all that we have asked for in our prayers. We ask for the Angels and Archangels serving the Global Pandemic, be by their side night and day, and we ask for the strengthening of their body, mind, soul and spirit as they burn away the virus or the virus leaves their system. We ask for 24 support for their beings until the virus no longer is a threat to their physical body’s well being.

Blessed Be all Beings! Blessed Be! We give thanks for this grace and healing support. Blessed Be all Beings!
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