Raising Your Vibration

Qala Sri'ama Phoenix
The joy of life is so powerfully felt when our energybody's vibration is raised to a higher octave of light. When your energybody matches the vibration of your Soul's essence, or is holding a higher vibration of light than one's own soul's essence, you feel one with all of life and you feel an immense support from the universe or God-Source.

Why Does This Take Place?

It takes place because your energybody is resonating to a high enough frequency, creating your Soul to expand your heart, energy and consciousness to engage with the UNIFIED FIELD.
The Unified Field is the Energy field of All That Is - The Field of All Life - Oneness - God's Presence. No longer is your energybody singually operating "in seperation" to the rest of life and making contact with the lower energetic planes of the lower emotional, mental, spiritual planes of the collective.
On the spiritual path, raising your Vibration is considered one of the most important steps to be able to open your heart and fulfil your higher life purpose. Many people seek energy, love, light or resource from others or from the world, as they have not been educated that they are light beings and that if they connect to the light source within their own hearts and raise their vibration, they can lift themselves into a higher state of life experience, and attract what they truly need to them without seeking, wanting or taking it from others. Life becomes a journey of giving and receiving through the heart, as this occurs. Heart exchanges and life experiences, manifest as one's energybody is connected with all life through the unified field.

Receiving love and encouragement from others does help us to know our lives have touched others, but without receiving the light from within your own being, the lower vibrational energies of sadness, grief, loss, disappointment, guilt and anger do take an immense amount of one's personal energy to transform, and this often leaves a soul feeling very empty and their energybody, resonating to a much lower vibration than is needed for their well-being. Until one learns to raise one's vibration through receiving light through one's own inner empowerment, the love of others can nurture us but does not create our soul to experience a sense of oneness or wholeness as an individual, and only keeps us seeking more of this love. This sense of oneness or wholeness of ourselves as beings, can only take place through our own energy, raising, and through our own heart opening experience.

When a soul learns how to open their divine connection to receive the light, they begin the journey of deepening their spiritual connection in life as they begin to receive infusions of higher light frequency into their being. When you receive enough light, it saturates your energy bodies and begins to dissolve old, unresolved energies that otherwise may take a lifetime to locate, resolve, cleanse, purify and transform. Receiving the light raises the vibration of one's energybody and will allow your soul to begin to shine your light through the heart of your being.

How Do You Receive the Light?

There are three ways you may receive the Light to raise your vibration.
  1. You may receive the light through opening your pillar of light to the heavens and earth core, and the light will wash through any part of your energybody that is open and receptive.

  2. You may receive the light through opening your heart and expanding your heart energy powerfully in every direction, to receive the light from the unified field.

  3. You may also receive the light directly from within, by activating your crystal core and igniting the eternal flame of your Heart Chakra, powerfully.
If you wish to learn to receive the Light through all methods, you may wish to study MASTER MEDITATION. Information is found on this site.

Where Does the Light Frequency Come From?

It comes from God-Source which is within you, and within all of life.

Life in our multi-dimensional universe and on earth, all sources from the Light that comes from God-Source. God is not a place or a being, but in fact is the Source of ALL THAT IS. Source lives within all of life, so the Light from God-Source is most powerfully received from going within. When you open your pillar of light, you can receive Light from the Sun and Earth and other Source centres within our Galaxy and Universe. The more light your receive, the clearer your consciousness becomes, and the higher state of oneness and higher state of awareness, you may experience.
To raise your vibration to the level where negative energy transforms to its original true source vibration, you must open your heart and embrace the source of negativity, release judgement of it, and forgive it.
This is why it is so difficult for many people to feel good in life, for until a person learns to raise their vibration and shift their own energy, they are at the influence of other people's energy, or the energy of life circumstances. Due to not living in a high enough vibrational field of light, people close their hearts to others to deal with life difficulties, rather than embracing negative experiences and negative aspects of people and forgiving and holding compassion for them, and staying open-hearted and open-minded.
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