The Divine

Qala Sri'ama Phoenix
Acknowledging the pure source of life, the power of love, light and creation is a brilliant and powerful experience that opens the lifeforce within to dimensions of breadth and depth never experienced before. 
To acknowledge the Divine, is to awaken the Divine within one’s life. 
For many the Divine feels far away, or even non-existent. Acknowledgement is the conscious awareness of a soul reaching into one’s heart recognising the Source, the Divine within. For the Divine lay within and may only be accessed via a soul’s heart. 

For so many, the experience of love, light and the power of creation is held within the unknown dimensions or potentials. For it to be known, the heart of a soul must open, and acknowledgement of the Divine is the door which quickens and accelerates all soul’s heart opening. 

How shall this form? Shall it be that love becomes one’s heart calling, and you find yourself in love, touched by the Divine. Possibly later, this love feels fragile or no longer available, causing your searching to find the power of Love within beloved. 

Or shall it be that power is what makes you feel safe, comforted, secure and through building your power in the world, you feel fulfilment. Possibly later, the power you have had no longer fulfils you, and this opens you to your search for love or light beloved.

Or shall it be that you are attracted to that which exuberates, shines, animates, and to the light and shadow forms in play, like life is a dramatic theatre or play you can witness, imagine, journey, and animate yourself within. Possibly wishing to write your own play, battling with your own shadows to find your light within only to find later, love is all you needed.

To reach within thyself, is the next step once acknowledgment of the divine has taken place. For the Divine lives within. It is your source of love, light, and power. It is the journey of heart opening, and it is the path to knowing thyself deeply. 
Reaching within thyself, allows the discover of truth, beyond the illusions of the mind beloved. With this, you may reach into your soul’s heart to find your greatest gifts. 

Beloved, shall you bless the world with your gifts of love, light and power and allow your search or journey of life exploration to have the greatest meaning. Shall you acknowledge the Divine in its many forms, firstly and most importantly recognising your own life form as Divine beloved. 

Shall you cast away the shadows of the mind, the queries and perceptions and theories of non-existence and claim the divine in your life. Shall you recognise the source of love, light, and power, even if at this time you do not feel it. 
For as you acknowledge it within you, it awakens and arises and energises and shall be given permission to touch more of you, and more of your life and life experience. 

Calling upon the Divine is your sacred call to Great Spirit, God, Oneness, All That Is. As you do this, you choose not only to acknowledge this existence of the Divine within all of life, but you also choose to accept the greater nature and invisible forces that form and create life. 

You choose to recognise the divine within the trees, mountains, rivers, oceans, the animals, humanity, the earth, the stars, the heavens, and within yourself beloved. 

Only in this moment, do you give permission for the Divine to touch you, hold you, embrace you and give to you more deeply. Only in these moments, do you truly allow the Divine to flow through you. Only in these moments do you truly open yourself to the Divine beloved. 

In these moments when your mind is recognising the Divine, you open the door of your life to your Source. 

In your life, the Divine is always ever present, but when you acknowledge the Divine, the Divine may commune, communicate, flow, grow and inaugurate the highest blessings for you. This potential is always ever present, and when our minds acknowledge the Divine, we are open to the Divine touching, moving, guiding, freeing, motivating, enlivening, inspiring, rejoicing, loving, enlightening, and creating higher life experiences and momentous miraculous encounters. Our life is our own yet when we acknowledge the Divine, in one moment, it is no longer simply our life, it is our divine experience. 

How do you acknowledge the Divine in your life? Do you have queries of non-existence, or do you recognise the Divine within? Do you search for love, or power, or light beloved? Do you open your mind to connect with the Divine? Are you calling from your heart? If this is so, the Divine will be answering your call and the miraculous, momentous heart openings will come forth to you. Trust your journey and call to the Divine beloved. 
May we each walk the path of love, light, and power to know the Divine within ourselves, our world, our humanity, and our Mother Earth. May everyday we awaken with the awareness of the trees, mountains, oceans, rivers, animals, birds, people, as sacred and divine. May our minds open to the Divine so we may experience the Divinity of Life beloveds. 
This must be a choice in the moment and this choice, when made, creates a different outcome to the outcome of the old way of being, known as separation. This can be a journey for a soul, to learn to do this in the presence of challenging energies.

When a soul learns to make this choice in the presence of challenging energy dynamics between them and any other being, they enter an initiation of love. This is the 1st initiation of love on the path of love.

Through making this choice, and LEARNING TO TRUST THAT LOVE IS THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE FOR HEALING AND BALANCE, they are empowered each time they do this by their superconsciousness, to balance energies unknown to them, that source from their unconscious mind, and ultimately are the source of what creates these challenges to be attracted to them.

It is said by all of the Masters of Light and true teachers that may lead or guide you to a place of peace and oneness, that WHEN THE SOUL IS READY, THE TEACHINGS WILL BE PRESENTED TO THE SOUL and all they need will be brought forth. It is true beloveds, that the challenges are a part of this divine experience for they are simply created by the unconscious mind of a soul. Unless one learns to let go and surrender deeply, or raise one's vibration much higher so one no longer activates one's unconscious mind in life, challenge is part of the learning experience.
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