The Nature of Love

Dec 24 / Qala Sri'ama Phoenix
May this simple heart sharing touch your heart so you may know the strength, beauty and grace of your love, and no longer be threatened in the presence of negativity. I give you this simple gift from my heart, for you to receive and share with anyone you love and care for. Blessed Be!
In every molecule, photon and atom, there is a divine flame that carries the love vibration. The very thought forms of our needs, wants and desires that we project from our minds, create a field of a lower vibration that no longer allows this divine flame to grow.To experience true love, a soul must give away all that they believe they truly want, need and desire so the divine flame of love within every aspect of their being can truly be set free.

The Art of Surrender


The art of surrender is based on relaxing and letting go of all other focuses in life, so one's energy can link back in to one's Source centre, the eternal heart flame inside the very centre of your chest and one can centre and reconnect to one's True Nature. This is known as RETURNING TO ONE'S HEART CENTRE and letting go in life is a surrender to the eternal flame or God-Source vibration. The Eternal flame anchored in the base of one's chest is your generating core, source flame or Source connection.

When love is inside and everywhere, yet you cannot feel it inside or around you, it is a sign that you have closed your heart vortex, and your eternal flame in the centre of your chest has become protected by layers and walls of energy that carry beliefs and feelings, that love is not the most important energy and that something else is more important to your being, than love.

When a soul discovers what the old beliefs and feelings are that create them to believe love is no longer the most important energy to their being, they begin to shed the layers or old walls of protection around the eternal flame, source connection.

As a soul places their focus on the eternal flame in their heart, they ignite the light inside their being and this pure light blazes and purifies the old walls of energy, belief and feeling. As they acknowledge that love is the most important energy to them, more important than receiving all their wants, desires and needs, Love and all of the flames of love in every molecule, photon and atom of their being, begin to melt and dissolve, transform and heal their soul.

For the opening of the heart is a journey which creates the soul to heal and experience wholeness, oneness with all life again. It begins very simply with love being chosen as the most important energy for one's life, and choosing to surrender and give away your greater wants, desires, needs, if life does not grant the flow of these. We give away and surrender what does not flow in our lives, and attachments to life being as we wish it to be, want it to be, or believe we need it to be.

For when we push against the natural flow of what life is bringing, or giving us, we project negativity and create negative energies to concentrate around our heart and around every atom, molecule and photon of our being.

We create fear with our mind through the projection of negativity. Fear is created with our mind when we project our light as thoughts with a negative focus - negative towards ourselves or others and negating our heart energy. And we push with our mind, that we must have this, and we want, need and believe all we are pushing for, is more important than living in the love of our hearts and loving all that is around us, all that is moving through us, and all that life is bringing to us, we create fear that we will not have or experience what we project as a focus with our mind.

It is in this way, through the negative projections of our minds, humanity has learnt to push love away. This love is within every human being and in the fabric of all of life. Yet it is not experienced deeply until one chooses love as the most important energy in one's life.

IT IS WHEN THE CHOICE IS MADE, THAT LOVE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ENERGY IN ONE'S LIFE, that a soul is able to begin to heal, Open their heart, and release the Veils around them, created by NEGATIVITELY PROJECTING that they will not receive all they want, need, and desire, or that these things are the more important than the sharing of the love vibration.

Consider, next time you deeply feel that you truly want something, need something, and desire something in your life, what is it you are truly seeking? Choose the path of love and love will be your experience. The source of all of life, God/Great Spirit/Oneness/The Universe/Allah/Source/Divine Presence, Holy Mother/Holy Father/Holy Spirit, will help you.

When you make this choice, that love is the most important energy in your life, the holy flame, your source connection begins to ignite again in your heart. You will begin to be guided by this divine flame inside of you. It will pulsate in the presence of what is beneficial to you. It will create your heart to begin to show you the clear light way for you.

Only when you make this choice, that love is the most important energy in your life, and it is more important than getting what you want or think you need, does the divine spirit of your soul have true room to breathe. For your divine spirit and source of greater light and love, can only illuminate or empower you to greater life encounters, and the true discovery of the Divine nature of life and the Divine Nature of yourself, when you give your heart, what it needs.

The heart of your soul is your very centre and sacred sanctuary in life. And only when you decide love is the most important energy - beyond all else, that your heart can receive love from others, the trees, the universe, the angels, the animals, the people, the stars, the earth and from the whole field of life, beyond what is seen, felt, known and understood through the mind.

When this choice is truly made, it changes everything in your life. For no longer does the ego, shadow nature of your soul that needs healing, have the opportunity to be the driver of your reality. When this choice is made by your soul and emanates through your mind, the negative way of thinking begins to drop away and allows Love to guide the way. The pulsation of your heart and what your heart guides you to, will always have another voice or energy in combat against it, until this choice is truly made.
I invite you to choose the PATH OF LOVE...

Not because you wish to have the most beautiful partner. Not because you wish to have the most amazing life. Not because you want all your issues to disappear. Not because you want everyone else to love you. Not because you want the world to be your oyster. Not because you want to live in abundance. Not because of what you want, desire or think you need. But because you recognise this is your essence, and you cannot experience your true self, your wholeness, oneness with all of life, without Love. Because this is the most important thing in your life. It is the largest part of yourself. Because everything feels empty and there is no fulfilment without Love. And no matter how much you have what you want, you can never truly feel one with what you have, at peace with it, when love is not experienced to its fullness.

To fulfil your life purpose, your heart is the central conduit. To accept love again is not enough to hold you in your heart centre. To receive love is not enough to keep you in your love connection. To choose love is more important than anything else, is the key, in every moment, to keep your heart open so you can experience your essence and your heart as your sacred sanctuary. This sacred choice, when made, activates the alignment of your Will to your Divine Essence and Heart.
In every challenging situation in your life, if you choose love as more important than the outcome and what your mind may believe or think you want, desire or need, and you allow love to guide your actions and choices instead of your mind's beliefs, you will open your heart to a greater love and meet more of your Loving Presence, and attract from the universe, what is truly of the highest for you. As you open your heart in this way, by going beyond your mind, by aligning your will to your essence during your most challenging times, a great grace, love and peace will flow through you. And this will create your soul to heal and experience greater wholeness with something you have not before experienced love and oneness with.

This is the very base process of all transformation of fear. For as we are challenged in our lives, our mind can become a conduit for the beliefs and thoughts and old feelings that we may have created when we were no longer in awareness of the truth that love is more important. The subtle and powerful fears can erupt to project all our wants, desires and what we think we need, onto others, ourselves and all of life.

It is at this time, when we are challenged, that we are at the most potent place for transformation of this fear that surrounds the flame of love and clouds our pure source connection to this love. This is the moment for the greatest surrender of all wants, desires and thoughts of what you think you need. For if you choose to give away these wants, desires and needs, offering them to Source/Great Spirit/God/The Universe/Oneness/Allah/ Divine Presence/Holy Mother/Holy Father/Holy Spirit, or your name for the Source of all Life, all will come to a place of peace and healing.

And you ask your Source for these wants, desires, needs and projections of the fears that you will not receive what you want, desire or believe you need in life, to be blessed, purified, cleansed and returned to Source again.

And ask for the Source of these wants, desires, needs, fears to be lifted from your heart, and your energy, from your soul, mind, body and spirit.

And as you pray for divine assistance, you will be supported by the flame of love in all of life. A great love will surround you and wish to flow through you to heal your heart, mind, body, soul, spirit.

And the more you surrender to allow yourself to let go, and no longer need to control what happens at that time, and you recognise you are in a process of transformation and letting go, and you honour this is essential when challenge arises, your heart will free itself and open and release the old energies that block your love in life.

In these moments, your fears will be transforming. But only when you make the choice that love is the most important energy in your life, can you truly surrender to allow transformation to take place in the most graceful way.

When we make the choice that love is the most important energy and we drop our attachments to the wants, desires and needs our mind may project, we are in the process of returning to our hearts, and from our hearts we may reconnect to our Source.

This source is the holy flame in our hearts, the eternal flame, and our oneness with all of life is through this flame. This eternal flame or pure spiritual source of love, light and empowerment lies within every being's heart, and within every tree, every being on the earth, every child, every animal, plant, insect, bird, within every galaxy, and within every form of life.

When we make the choice in our minds, that love is the most important energy in our lives, Love can guide us on our life journey to all we truly need, to evolve and grow on our soul and spiritual journey.

Our minds when clouded by fear cannot know what we truly need. For this knowing is only accessible through making a true connection within one's heart. The universe, Great Spirit, the oneness, God/Allah, your Divine Presence knows though. The source of all life knows what you truly need, and brings it to you.When we choose love is the most important energy in our life, and we hold this awareness in our conscious mind, we are able to centre our awareness more deeply, and the Love in all of life, the eternal source flame is able to guide us in that moment.

The Path of Love is entered by a soul when they make this choice and continue to hold this awareness in their mind. A soul on the spiritual path of love, is empowered by the Love of all Beings, unseen, unknown who have also made this choice. These beings who have made this choice and hold this awareness in every moment are known as The Emissaries of Love.

When you make this choice and you choose to remember to consciously choose this in times of challenge when fear is present in the field around you, or fear is sourcing from your own mind, you may receive the divine assistance of the Emissaries of Love. And they will support you to transform your fears to love.

There are only three steps needed to do this beloved. Remember love is the most important energy in your life. Remember all fear or negative energy is simply energy, needing to transform, and that when you align your will to Love, only Love can flow through you.

3 Steps to Overcome Challenge or Fear

The three steps are three thoughts you can project. Think these three things, in the presence of challenge or fear, and Love will be your guide beloved.
    Create this to be your mantra in times of challenge. As you think these thoughts and continue to think them, the challenge or fear you experience will dissipate. The Emissaries of Love will be around you. Love will come into your energy field and all will begin to heal and come into a state of wholeness and peace.
    God Blesses You on your Path of Love,

    Qala Sri'ama Phoenix

    If the following prayer resonates, you may also say this to seal any experience of transformation.

    Prayer to Seal Any Experience of Transformation

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