The Path of Love

Qala Sri'ama Phoenix
The Path of Love is one of the three spiritual paths that a soul may enter as they spiritually awaken. What is this spiritual awakening, but the opening of a soul's awareness to the greater mysteries held in the invisible, unknown vastness of their true connection to all of life.
It is at this time, that one begins to be consciously aware of a greater force, not only within the universe and earth, but within one's own being.

When a soul is spiritually awakened, they begin to receive deeper levels of contact with their own Spirit and their spiritual reality. Love is the bridge for every soul to be able to grow and develop on their spiritual path. It is for this reason, that the path of love is the primary path, souls take as their spiritual path on earth.

The Path of Love is a path of heart opening where a soul's spirit begins to guide them to make choices which not only have benefit for their present life, but also benefit them in their afterlife when their physical life completes through the death process. It is for this reason that a soul who is spiritually awakened, may meet challenges on their Path of Love and may not understand why these challenges manifest in their life.

When we enter the Path of Love, we have already chosen to believe and align ourselves to the divine truth that love is the most important energy in our lives, and is more important than our desires, wants or what our mind may believe, are our needs. This can be confusing and ultimately very challenging for a soul who is not aware of what the path of love is giving them as challenges that arise in their life and also within their being, for they only wish to be at peace and feel love for all beings.

Why do so many challenges seem to arise for a soul as they begin to walk their path of love, and they choose to be the most loving person they can be? This is a question many people ask themselves when they are challenged so deeply, after sharing with others from a place of the highest intention. The Enlightened Ones share a teaching which may answer this question and offer their support to all on the path of love.

As a soul awakens and makes the conscious choice to trust love again, and they choose to be as open hearted as they can be, the light inside of their hearts begins to shed light on all of the energy within their energy field. This is the energy field which surrounds their heart and stores the energy and consciousness of their Soul in 3 different states - as their unconscious mind, conscious mind and superconscious mind.

Within the energy field of their being, lives their conscious mind, their superconscious mind and the unconscious mind, and it is only through a Soul's will, being activated to direct their energy via the choices they make in life, that a Soul can control the state of consciousness they enter and activate in their energy field. In other words, through choices made, a Soul can choose to either activate their unconscious mind (storing unresolved feelings), or their conscious mind or their superconscious mind, to be their experience.
As a soul awakens and chooses to no longer walk away and separate their heart energy from others in times of challenge, and they instead choose to believe love will balance any difficult situation in their life, they will always be empowered by the love of the universal nature of their being, which is their superconsciousness, or Higher Self.
This must be a choice in the moment and this choice, when made, creates a different outcome to the outcome of the old way of being, known as separation. This can be a journey for a soul, to learn to do this in the presence of challenging energies.

When a soul learns to make this choice in the presence of challenging energy dynamics between them and any other being, they enter an initiation of love. This is the 1st initiation of love on the path of love.

Through making this choice, and LEARNING TO TRUST THAT LOVE IS THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE FOR HEALING AND BALANCE, they are empowered each time they do this by their superconsciousness, to balance energies unknown to them, that source from their unconscious mind, and ultimately are the source of what creates these challenges to be attracted to them.

It is said by all of the Masters of Light and true teachers that may lead or guide you to a place of peace and oneness, that WHEN THE SOUL IS READY, THE TEACHINGS WILL BE PRESENTED TO THE SOUL and all they need will be brought forth. It is true beloveds, that the challenges are a part of this divine experience for they are simply created by the unconscious mind of a soul. Unless one learns to let go and surrender deeply, or raise one's vibration much higher so one no longer activates one's unconscious mind in life, challenge is part of the learning experience.
On the path of love, it is only when a soul chooses to believe that love is the most important energy in their life, and they choose to have faith that love will balance all in their life, that they are given the extra strength and power to open their heart in the presence of a difficult experience in their lives. This challenge does provide the teaching that a soul needs to open their heart more deeply and no longer walk away from difficulty or from that which they may fear as negative for themselves or for others here. Once this first initiation of meeting all challenge with love is completed, a soul's life changes and they begin to receive love on a deeper level than their conscious mind has known to be possible.
Many on the path of love do become "stuck" in this initiation and lose faith in love because it is not felt deeply until one chooses to believe and trust in it enough, and one's soul learns to embrace challenge in life instead of running away from it, beloved. It is a soul's initiation on the path of love to meet three deep challenges in their life, and allow love to balance all that arises in their being through these challenges.

These 3 deep life challenges do not occur simultaneously, and are created by the unconscious mind/ego's fears, rising to the surface due to previous heart closures. Each of these challenges, when met with the choice that love is more powerful than any fear, and with the will to choose the path of love here, opens a soul's heart to new levels of love vibration. It is in this way that a human being embodies more love and compassion for themselves and all beings.

It is through this process that a soul clears and releases the unconscious nature of their being, and frees themselves from the ego driven desires or wants that do not serve their hearts to stay open and their soul to experience love. Beloveds, on the path of love, there are special souls that your soul will encounter, which sometimes triggers deeper fears, or activates as an experience, the remembrance of even greater love for you. These special souls encountered on the path of love, when met and connected to through your heart, emanate light to you, and this also creates new initiations of love to begin in your life, beloved.

The initiations on the path of love have three special purposes and do involve the people in your life, as each person in your life that you have a connection with, is helping you to grow and open your heart.

Each of the initiations of love, offer your soul the ability to empower or bring back your original source energy to your soul's heart, so you may build your heart here on earth, and learn to give more deeply, the pure love that is untainted by your unconscious wants and desires, known as unconditional love, and therefore, as you give more deeply, you shall receive a pure love, more deeply.

There are 7 initiations of love on the path of love and all of these initiations have a purpose to open the 7 levels or dimensions of your heart. Heart opening is a 7 level process and requires many years on the path of love, to complete. When this completes, this is when a soul is fully living in their open heart and no longer, ever again, closes it. They experience unconditional love in every moment after this beloveds. It is for this reason we say to you, that love can be felt even more deeply and will be felt by your being, but challenge can be a part of the journey on the path of love, beloveds.

We step forth to you now, and offer you a divine blessing and dispensation so you can always move beyond any challenge in your life and keep your heart open.

The Emissaries of Love Blessing

To receive the blessing, simply say the following words:
"I love myself."  (say this 3x)
"I choose to receive love for myself."  (say this 3x)
"I choose the path of love for myself."  (say this 3x)
As you say these words in your mind, 22 Emissaries of Love begin to open the Portal of Love for you. They cocoon you with a field of pure love, made of soft golden, pearl, pink and yellow light, infused with the purest love blessings. Take a few deep breaths as the energy around you begins to change, soften and comfort you.

Say the words, in your mind or out loud:
"I call for all obstacles on my path of love to be removed now. I give thanks for this." 
As you say these words, the 22 Emissaries begin to infuse your heart and energy field with 33 Golden Orbs of Love, and these begin to gently weave the vibration of love, to pulse through you. Take a deep breath as they begin to infuse your heart and energy field with 44 chalices of divine elixirs of love. And they pour them into your heart and through the lower chakras of your being.

Sit or lay down now for 10 minutes, and let go of all worries, concerns, fears and all connected to your present life challenge, by simply saying the words:
"I hand it all over now to my Higher Self and the Emissaries of Love now."
You will be filled with love as you lay down or sit relaxing now, for 10 minutes. This will allow you greater strength in your energy field and balance your energy. 
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