The Path of Presence

Qala Sri'ama Phoenix
The Path of Presence is entered when a Soul chooses to hand their Will over to their Divine Presence, and make all decisions from the guidance of their Holy Spirit.
This often means one will be guided to let go of one's largest attachments to the Material, Emotional and Mental Plane so one can truly enter the highest level of Spiritual Connection that can be made by a human being.

When a person chooses their path of World Service because their journey of enlightenment is a high priority in their life, they are prepared to enter the Path of Presence, which supports them to receive a higher level of support in life for the embodiment of their Divine Presence. This spiritual path requires one's dedication for a minimum of 12 years, to following the guidance of the heart, and aligning one's will to the loving guidance of one's Divine Presence.

This path activates a soul within 3 years, to attain a higher state of connection, known as THE SEVA on the path of Divine Will, and it is at this time, everyone begins to seek their higher service work in life and how they can truly use their energy to help create a more peaceful and loving world. During the first 3 years, there is a great deal of cleansing and letting go, and re-orientation to what is Truth and What is Higher Understanding. When a Soul moves through the first 3 years, they are activated to THE INITIATIONS OF THE HIGHER SELF. They begin to be guided by Spirit, more powerfully.

Many people on the spiritual path who are dedicated and seeking greater connection, are simply one or two steps away from completing their alignment to their SPIRITUAL ESSENCE in becoming THE SEVA, living in the acceptance that their life journey is a stepping stone to their greater evolution.

The Self Mastery Training System was created for all lightworkers and peacemakers who carry this form of dedication, to become THE SEVA, and enter THE INITIATIONS OF THE HIGHER SELF and then further develop their divine connection to their DIVINE PRESENCE.

Through this training, one spends time sitting "on the Inner", in guided and self-guided meditations, to activate one's SPIRITUAL CONNECTION in specific ways. Many hours a week are required over at least one year, to complete the alignment process so a person can be sure they have the braiding through their chakra system to their Higher Bodies of Light. It is this braiding through the chakras to the Higher Bodies of Light, which progresses a Soul deeply and accelerates the development of their Spiritual Connection in life.

As a student sits on the Inner, they receive visitations and divine energy, and enter spiritual practices which produce results over a longer period. The spiritual practices do not produce results on the material plane immediately, but create the building of a higher light and love vibration within the core of a student, their chakras and energy body, and over continued practice, produces a permanent shift in one's spiritual connection and light vibration.

When entering this training system, one can only accelerate beyond one's present level of consciousness through receiving an immense amount of grace, education and divine assistance. In THE SELF MASTERY TRAINING SYSTEM of THE DIVINE UNIVERSITY, all students are supported by THE FAMILY OF LIGHT to slowly and gently open their Hearts to their Higher Self or Divine Presence, or if they are guided, to spend the extra time developing their Divine Connection on THE INNER PLANES, which is needed to begin to Embody their HIGHER SELF or Embody their DIVINE PRESENCE.

Some students step onto THE PATH OF PRESENCE for a period of 1-3 years to complete matters in their life, and make a deep shift to a new reality. Other students spend 7-10 years developing their Higher Self connection to achieve a switch in their focus to achieve their HIGHER LIFE PURPOSE or to activate their DIVINE MISSION. Others choose to stay on this path for their lifetime to develop their Soul's Enlightenment and continue to embody the Light and Love and Power of their Holy Spirit, serving the World as a WORLD SEVA, in divine service to Earth and all beings.

The Family of Light

The Path of Presence is a spiritual path that brings a great accompaniment of LIGHT BEINGS into your life. They may not be recognised by the Soul on the Spiritual Path of Presence, but they are supporting every PRESENCE on Earth whether they are consciously aware of the PRESENCE OF THESE LIGHT BEINGS or aware simply of GOD'S LIGHT and PRESENCE in their lives.

In the Great Light they feel, there are many other ENLIGHTENED LIGHT BEINGS helping them and working in oneness with them. The Family of Light steps more deeply into a being's life as they shift into higher energy bodies and rest in higher dimensional planes of light where there is a greater oneness with all other Beings in these planes of consciousness, and the sharing of energetic dimensions of life.

Our universe has many worlds within it. The earth is one of these worlds and it is wholly protected by 7 Families of Ascended or Enlightened Beings. Even though these Ascended or Enlightened light beings cannot intervene in the karmic acts of war, abuse or power play, they can bring divine assistance to all beings who ask for this, and the assistance they bring can balance energetic experiences and bring healing to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of any situation.

These 7 Families form the base of a greater group of higher, intelligent beings who have evolved, and no longer act or create in benefit of themselves, alone. They have evolved to a level of consciousness where all their acts and creations are in alignment to the greater service of all beings, and therefore they have no pre-selection to help one being over another, or take sides or judge in any way, any situation or experience.

They have evolved to a level of consciousness where they no longer see, feel or experience life through any duality consciousness and thus are not guided or influenced by fear or personal agenda. All assistance they offer is for the benefit of every being involved, and when they bring assistance, it comes in the form of divine energy, love and light, and blessings for healing, rejuvenation, transmutation of fear and the creation of connections, new opportunities and divine blessings. They exist purely to serve all beings and this is their life purpose.

The Family of Light who assist humanity are of the highest service to the Earth. They consider her The Great Mother, and they have the gift of being able to communicate and listen to her. They are guided through the heart connection to the heart of the Earth, in matters that affect The Great Mother.

Each being within the Family of Light, works purely through the source flame of their own heart, as this source connection offers them divine consciousness connection in the pure state of oneness, with all others. Every soul on earth has an ascended Higher Self that is a member of the Family of Light. Through purifying the ego and releasing it, one is able to ascend into higher states of consciousness, and experience the energy and consciousness of one's Higher Self. This is known as Higher Self connection and is a natural process when one transmutes fear, and opens the heart chakra to all in life.

As a soul evolves through opening the heart, through forgiveness and giving positive energy to others, and souls move past their fears or limitations, they are witnessed by these higher light guides, and any time they call for assistance, this is given in all circumstances. This assistance is only able to be given in accordance to the karma of the soul, for every member of the Family of Light cannot break the universal laws. One universal law is the universal law of karma, so they cannot remove obstacles fully if they are necessary for a soul's evolution and learning, due to their karma and life lessons. They can ease the way and guide a soul to meet their life lessons with love, and with accessing their inner power and strength to transform this and free themselves from this. If they were to remove these obstacles fully, or clean up a soul's karmic problems, they would descend into duality and not be able to offer their divine assistance to every being, when needed.

The 7 families of the Family of Light that are the holy protectors of the Earth are known as:

The Ancient Ones

These ones have never left the Earth. They are Ancient Guardians who rest and live within the Earth. They live within the earth mother and sometimes travel and take on jobs of living in mountains, portals of the earth, protecting the sacred sites and energy doorways, and energy lines of the Earth that are essential to all beings' life and co-existence on Earth. There are many groups within this greater group… too many to name, but what they hold in common is that they stay and do not leave the Earth Mother, and hold the role of protection of all nature and all of the Earth's energy, and portals of energy.

The Angels

The Angels all have evolved from lifetimes where they witnessed suffering. They have evolved to hold one level of mastery where they hold a specific gift of light and love for a specific purpose, and they travel through the ethers (bands of energy that connect the physical and spiritual worlds as one) to assist any soul in need of this specific energy. There are Angels of Love whose purpose is to simply shed love on beings in situations where love is needed. There are Angels of Healing and Angels of Manifestation, Angels of Creation, Angels of Divine Truth, Angels of Happiness, Angels of Compassion... so many different angels with different purposes. These ones go to areas where large numbers of beings need their assistance, such as hospitals and war zones, unless a being calls on their help, for the angels travel where groups of beings need their divine assistance and they transfer divine energy into the environment of these beings, to soften and lessen the deep experiences of trauma, suffering, hurt, pain and all forms of illness. The Angels will always come to you to help you if you ask for them to come, and if you pray or ask through your heart energy for any other person to receive divine support, it is the Angels that will be sent to them, through you activating your prayer request via your open heart, your God-Source connection.

The Emissaries of Light

The Emissaries of Light travel in crystalline light ships that are created from these Archangels and Angels, merging their lightbodies, as one. Some Emissaries are star beings or celestial beings, and some are from far away worlds. They are non-physical Light beings who do have the ability to step down through the dimensions into physical form when this is necessary, but this is not their usual practice as they all live in accordance to universal law and would not wish to create any interference with humanity's evolution in consciousness, unless personally requested. It is for this reason, they are not seen by all people or encountered by all people, yet some people on earth do have encounters with these higher dimensional beings if it is necessary for this person's evolution. The emissaries travel from other galaxies and star systems to the Earth, into the cities of light that are within the Earth Mother's portal system and grounded through the physical earth via higher planes of light, unseen to most people.The Emissaries of Light bring new forms of assistance for the evolution of the Earth in accordance to the prayers of beings and the requests of the Great Mother and her guardians and caretakers and The Ancient Ones from the Inner Earth. They travel into the Universe and return to stay within the Earth for a period, and they continue these return trips until they have completed their mission, opening lines of light and activating souls on earth for the benefit of the great balance of our earth.

The Archangels

The Archangels hold the role of greater responsibility on a universal level. They are given sacred tasks of great importance in accordance to God's will. These tasks are also supported by many Angels and Emissaries of Light. The Archangels overlight these projects/tasks and are responsible for holding balance for them, and sharing the keys and higher blessings so all the Angels and Emissaries of Light can do their service in the highest way and continue to evolve also as they offer their service. The Archangels carry the higher picture and awareness of the divine plan for the others. An Archangel, will be a light commander or director of a large number of Angels for a specific task of higher service for the wellbeing of all beings, planets, worlds and the eco-systems of these worlds.

The Sisterhood of Light

The Sisterhood of the Light is a large group of Ascended Masters who hold a feminine focus of mastery. They are masters of a specific higher plane of consciousness and are thus able to purely and easily guide all others to this higher plane of consciousness. The Sisterhood of Light are the masters of the higher planes of consciousness of Love through the pure heart connection to God's Love and the Holy Mother.

The Brotherhood of Light

The Brotherhood of the Light is a large group of Ascended Masters who hold a masculine focus of mastery. They are masters of a specific higher plane of consciousness and are thus able to purely and easily guide all others to this higher plane of consciousness. The Brotherhood of Light are the masters of the higher planes of consciousness of Wisdom through the pure heart connection to God's Wisdom and the Holy Father.

The Enlightened Masters

The Enlightened Masters have all evolved from being an Ascended Master, to carrying mastery of feminine, masculine and soul mastery, as a Master of the Enlightened Realms. They are the masters or overlighting presences of a specific realm of consciousness. A realm is made from a large series of different planes of consciousness. Buddha, for example, is the Enlightened Master Presence of the Buddhic Realm. Christ is the Enlightened Master Presence of the Christ realm. Mother Gaia, The Great Mother, is the Enlightened Master Presence of the Earth Realm. The Enlightened Ones have no personality and are not a soul, so they do not know individual thought or experience. Their experience is oneness, in every moment. They experience oneness with the Realm they overlight or extend their consciousness through.
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