The Power of your Divine Voice is ...

Lelama Jyumaali Sjamar
DIVINE VOICE is the Voice of the Earth Mother, the Universal Source - Resource, Presence speaking, singing, creating through you.
Your Divine Voice is an incredibly powerful, beautiful and enjoyable current, creating opening, alignment, connection, fulfilment, empowerment, presence and oneness in your life.

Your Divine Voice is…

Your Divine Voice is the sound that embodies and expresses the Love of your Soul, the Light of your Spirit, in your voice and words, in your mudras and movements, in your gestures and actions. Your Divine Voice is your creative power, an instrument through which you create your resonance and experience in life, free yourself to feel loved, peaceful, happy, connected, joyful, be creative, empowered, successful in your personal and professional endeavours, at home in your heart and body in this life. 

Your Divine Voice is a sacred expression of the gifts you hold inside and creates through sound waves flowing and communicating, communing with all energy within and around you, with all beings, with the rocks, rivers, waters, creatures, trees, Earth, Stars, the Universe. Your sound is your sacred connection with all in the creation matrix, the sacred web of sound and light vibrations that is the Universe.

There are many octaves of sound, of energy in your Divine Voice, as there are many dimensions in the Languages of Love and Light and Creation that you can express with your Divine Voice. Each octave and dimension holds a different power, a different ability to create you to feel, think and experience in a new way, a way that empowers you and others in what you wish to create. 

The power of your Divine Voice enables you to create change in the energy in a space, the energy field within and around you. Your Sacred Sound and Language can support you or another person to open, align, release, awaken inside, as well as support energies in the area where you live, in sacred sites on the Earth to transform and awaken.

Your Divine Voice creates…

Your Divine Voice creates a state of flow within your being, where you are free to allow 'Creation to flow through you' and you are no longer influenced by fears, concerns or projections in the mind. It is the infinite Universal Earth energy that moves you, your body, your energy… effortless, natural and in synchrony… beyond anything your mind can create for you.
The power of your sacred voice can liberate limited or blocked energies within you. It can assist the healing of physical ailments, balance emotions, and create a centred and calm mind. The power of your sacred sound can open new doorways for you to discover who you truly are, and what your purpose is for being here in this journey on Earth.
Your Divine Voice can deepen your meditation and open your divine connection with the Universe and Earth, with your Higher Self, with your wisdom and unconditional love, as it creates your pure essence to flow like a river through your body and chakras, through your physical and energetic bodies.
The power of your Divine Voice brings all of you present in the moment, brings your energy, your love, your light, your mind, heart, soul and spirit into your body, to flow through your body physically and energetically on the current of sound. These sound vibrations stream through you into the space around you. This supports you to ground as a soul, as well as creates a new wave of energy to birth in the space where you are.

Your Divine Voice in your daily life…

Exploring and expanding your connection inherent in your Divine Voice and Sacred Language allows you to access your power to heal, liberate, expand, create and empower yourself and others to be as we truly are. Creating freedom to be energized, centred, wise, joyful and connected, so you feel a sense of belonging and safety, a knowing of what you are to say, do, be, contribute in any moment, in any situation with any being.

Beginning your day with a practice of allowing the Sacred Sound of your Divine Voice to flow through you, will open a doorway for you to experience yourself and your life in a full way. Instead of placing a lot of effort into certain things, or feeling unwilling, simply by focussing your intention, you can begin to feel energy naturally streaming through you. You may find yourself doing or saying things effortlessly, unexpectedly, that you have tried to know or do or say, but haven't been able to up until that moment.

Using your voice and song while cleaning the house, for example, will create your house to not only be physically clean, but also energetically cleansed of old energies, that may have been stagnant there from yesterday, last week or even a long time ago. 
With your Sacred Sound and Divine Voice you can cleanse, refresh energies that may be held between you and another person, a project, a community, through the cords of connection that are held between your hearts and chakras, created through the words, deeds, experiences you have shared with each other, in this life or another life. You can create flow in any area in your life.


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