The Sound of the Universe Lives Within You

Lelama Jyumaali Sjamar
Inside the Eternal Nature of your Heart Flame lays the entire Universe – your Spiritual Connection to the sacred resonance of every Being, every Star, every dimension of energy and consciousness in the Universe, including your vast Spirit.
Every dimension of Life in the Universe resonates with a specific frequency, a vibration. Simply opening your Voice to the Sound vibrations and Sacred Sound Languages from different planes of consciousness in the starry realms, dimensions of your own spiritual nature, will open you to realize the vastness of your being and your connection to the Universe lives within your Divine Voice. 

These Sacred Sounds live within you in resonance with the unique essence of your Soul, and where you are on your path of spiritual evolution. The sound frequencies in the Universe respond to the energy vibration you carry within you. As you open your receptivity and expand your heart, your consciousness, bring out the sounds that live with you, you may access energy, love, light, creation power from anywhere and everywhere, through your vast spiritual nature being omnipresent within the Universe.

Every Soul is born with access to the Sacred Sound Languages of the Universe

Your Soul carries a natural sacred harmonic resonance, a frequency that lives within the Universal Field and in your being, that when freed and given space to come into its True Vibration in your body and voice, opens your being to draw on and receive great Spiritual Currents from the Universe to flow through your heart, your mind, your body, in exact alignment to the vibration you carry, and through you into the world around you.

At the same time the pure sound vibrations you carry within your voice, your body, mind, heart, your energy body, send out signals into the vast universal field, your infinite spiritual nature, the Sound of the Universe will respond in resonance with the signals you send out. 

With your power of sound, with your voice you may draw on the spiritual frequencies, and bring these via the Sacred Sound Languages through you into your life. This will change the energy inside of you, and your connection to yourself, to every being in your life, and all life in the Quantum Field of the Universe.

Your Purpose for Opening your Divine Voice

Your Divine Voice taps into Sound of the Universe and the Earth to source spiritual energy, power, love, light, truth, for specific purposes - to purify, balance, harmonize, align, transform, activate, empower the intention, the focus, the dreaming you hold. 

This may be opening, awakening, purifying, harmonizing the energy within your heart to be able to open your receptivity, or within your body to create health and wellbeing, within your mind to release limitations and raise your consciousness. It may be to enter into the sacred harmonic resonance of your Soul, so you may feel at home, inspired, connected in life. It may be to free your Spirit, to bring more energy, power into your life, to create with, to heal with, to give to others, to the Earth, to the animals, the trees. 

It may be to evolve as a Soul and marry into your vast Spiritual nature to access gifts the different dimensions of your Spirit hold, to fulfil your Soul purpose for your Earthly life. 

How to Open your Divine Voice

The journey of opening your Divine Voice is powerful and joyful and will liberate much energy within you, as well as enable you to access more love, light, power from your infinite spiritual nature, from the Earth and the Universe.
  • Opening your Divine Voice invites you to open to unusual sounds and languages, to liberate your mind from any limitations or judgments you may hold, to free yourself from the need of approval of another, and come into the true sovereign resonance of your Soul and Spirit.
  • You will open your eyes, your mouth, your voice, your hands and every cell, organ, bone in your body to receive, resonate with and transmit the greater frequencies of love, light and power. As your Divine Voice opens, your body opens as a sacred resonance chamber, a temple, for the currents of sound and divine energy to move through.
  • You will open your pillar of light and love, a 12 chakra bridge that connects your physical body with your spiritual nature and into the Universal and Earth's Fields. The expansion of this bridge into the Heart of the Earth and the Suns in the Heavens gives you access to the frequencies of the many dimensions of the Quantum Field.
  • You will begin to purify your vocabulary, in order to ground the new and higher frequencies of the Sacred Sound Languages into your body and your daily life, to stabilize and unify the spiritual and physical planes into one world, one connection, rather than creating two different worlds – one that exists in your physical life, and the other that exists in your inner being and spiritual work.
As all these dimensions of your physical, energy and spiritual bodies open, the Sound Current of the Universe begins to stream through every part of your Being and Field, and all the Gifts your vast spiritual nature, your Holy Spirit or Divine Presence holds, become accessible to you. 
Thank you so much for being here with me… Our next blog will share about 7 Steps to Open Your Divine Voice, to be able to source Love, Light, Power, Truth of your Soul and Spirit, your Higher Self, and the Universe and Earth. 
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