It is NOW more important than ever to be THINKING with Abundance Consciousness

Qala Sri'ama Phoenix
As our world leaders and chief economists speak of worldwide recessions as potential forecasts ahead, what is the best way to respond you may ask yourself.

Qala recommends that everyone respond to the Global Situation with abundance consciousness and shares that many have confusion over what this really means.

Qala explains that abundance consciousness is not about thinking you can have everything you want. Abundance is based on Universal Law and you must align in your actions and thoughts, choices and words with the Universal law of Abundance, for a greater flow of abundance to be provided if it is not naturally taking place. She describes the 4 easy steps you may take to create this alignment.

Receive the 4 Steps You Can Take to Stabilising Your Finances or Flow of Abundance

What is Abundance Consciousness?

Abundance Consciousness begins with what you have in your life now and how much you appreciate it, are grateful for it and are willing to share it. This comes down to how you think about your life right now and this is different for everybody. How wealthy or rich you are does not determine your abundance consciousness for there are many levels and forms of abundance.

You may have abundance consciousness flowing in another area of your life if you are not so abundant right now with finance. Your Abundance consciousness does determine how much you will have of something in your life and also how much of this shall flow from you to others and then back to you in the circle of giving and receiving.

Wealthy people have abundance consciousness with money and there is a great flow. Firstly, they believe their wealth is easy, so it is easy for them. They may not always have held this thinking but they either inherited this thinking or they worked to change their ideas and created this to be the power of their thinking, if they wealthy and in a continual flow of keeping their wealth and growing it beloved.

Whatever we think is easy, can become abundant in our lives. When we think love is easy, we have a lot of love. When we think teaching is easy, teachings flow with abundance. When we think relationships are easy, we have a lot of friends and meaning in our relationships. We are abundant with friends. When we think work is easy, we have an abundance of work etc.

But it does not only require you to think something is easy. It requires you to act and dream abundantly. To develop abundance consciousness with something you have not experienced abundantly flowing, you need to act and dream and think in a new way. The rest of the article will teach you how to do this in a very simple way you can follow easily.

How does the LAW OF ABUNDANCE benefit me and touch me in my life?

Within our Universe, there are governing forces and some of these governing forces are moved to take effect on our personal and collective lives. The Law of Abundance is a universal law that instructs the universe to grow or expand the flow or quantity of something. We are touched by the Law of Abundance everyday on a personal and collective level as we eat apples from our supermarkets that were picked from the abundance of apple trees. The Law of Abundance is in our life already every day within every situation where there are ample quantities of something. This is the meaning of abundance in its true connotation. When something is in short supply, whether it be friends, love, work or money as some examples, the Law of Abundance can be aligned to via your vision, thoughts, words and actions and the supply shall increase.

But how can I think with Abundance Consciousness, during the Global Pandemic when so many are thinking we are entering global recessions?

No matter how others are thinking, dreaming or acting, you have the power to do it differently if you choose this. There are always many people who are the exception to the general population’s experience. If you wish you can choose to align to the law of Abundance even if there is a worldwide recession. This can support you to move through any potential recession ahead, with greater grace and ease if you need it

Building your stability of your finance instead of losing money is the first step and then once you have stabilized this, you can work to building a greater flow even in times of global economic turndown. This depends on whether you will think like everyone else and give your power to fears that money will be less available to you. Let us try to keep our hearts and minds open & hold the highest consciousness we can about money at this time and empower our thoughts and actions, so we are not guided by fear at this time. 

The 4 Steps to Creating My New Abundance

STEP ONE - It begins with your VISION or Dreaming – This is the seed of your new abundance for the future. This can be about one thing, it can be money if you wish, or it can be love, or friendships, or work but it needs to be one of these focuses only. What do you truly need more of? Remembering money may not the solution to some of the most important matters in your life beloved but it can provide you food, and material goods etc. Once you have decided what is most important for you to grow with more abundance, create your vision as simple as possible in your mind. See yourself with the abundance you are seeking, smiling, fulfilled and happy and project that vision into your future. Place no amount of money on it or amounts so as not to limit it. Just that you feel abundant and happy and peaceful with what you have and there is a flow of abundance with it. Place no time on it. Just envision it for 10 minutes. 

STEP TWO - The next step is to CHANGE YOUR THINKING – Practically you need to cancel every thought you have that denies it will be easy for you to receive more of your chosen focus. All thoughts that deny you will be experiencing your vision of your future. You need to wipe the slate of your mind clean and there are many levels of your mind so you will need to do this regularly for at least 4 weeks. This is an everyday process, throughout your day, every time you catch yourself thinking against your vision, just say CANCEL, CANCEL, CANCEL and think instead of your vision for just 10-15 seconds.

STEP THREE - The next step is to use your SUPER-THINKING POWER WITHIN YOUR WORDS – Every day for the same period of at least 4 weeks, once a day, you need to say out loud three times with all your love and power… I am abundant and free. All of the …………..(name the ONE subject of you focus – money, love, friends, work) I need to feel abundant is coming into my life now and I am so grateful for the abundance I am now receiving now.  

STEP FOUR - The next step is to ENSURE YOUR ACTION IS ALIGNED TO THE LAW OF ABUNDANCE – This last step is so important and cannot be missed. Everyday you need to act as if you are grateful and act in alignment with the law of abundance. Teach yourself how to do this by reading how to ALIGN TO THE LAW OF ABUNDANCE with your actions and words and choices. How much you align to the LAW OF ABUNDANCE, determines how much you can grow your abundance and how much more abundance you can receive.

How Do I Align Myself with the Law of Abundance to Receive a Greater Flow of Abundance in My Life?

If you give money, you shall receive more money is an example. Let us recognize we all have different ideas of what abundance financially is. For some it is to have more than enough to pay their life expenses and stay healthy. For others it is to be able to travel the world and own a few houses. For others it is to have enough to share with others, help friends and family. For others it is to have a certain amount of dollars in savings. We all set our own aims for abundance financially, but we often forget the law of abundance exists and it is not about what you want to have.

The law of abundance serves all of life and is the law that ignites giving and receiving in life. If you do not give, you shall be unable to receive if you do not have the thinking and super-thinking already for the abundance you want beloved. We all have different levels also of what we think is giving. Some people believe money should not be given and everyone should work for their money. If you believe this, you will not be generous with your abundance and the law of abundance will not serve you to build abundance if you are not willing to share what you have.

One powerful act that ensures you can build more flow in your abundance of finance, is to give charitably to a true cause of higher purpose. When you give charitably, you are making the 4th and final step in aligning to the law of abundance with finance. The more you give, the more you receive activates the full flow of abundance. This is the law of abundance.

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