Traversing the Spiritual Path

Qala Sri'ama Phoenix
The Spiritual path is a journey of opening the heart deeply, and aligning one's life direction to that which truly balances, nurtures, frees and enlightens one's soul, mind, body and spirit.
It is a path of soul growth, aided by receiving more of the Light from one's Spiritual connection and grounding that Light into one's energy field and physical body to ground one's Higher Nature or Spiritual Empowerment on Earth.

This life path is focused on developing one's heart connection, compassion, love and forgiveness for all that creates and experiences ignorance, fear, separation, pain and suffering, both in the world and within one's own being.

The spiritual path is activated for a soul when they choose to be guided by the light of their heart and Spirit, with the recognition there is a mystery within all of life, and a greater force at work, beyond the power of Self.

When Spirit is recognised as the essence or divine light consciousness inherent in all of life, linking all of life, one begins to consciously walk the spiritual path. This progresses when one begins to focus through one's heart energy to connect with the Source of all life, the love, light and divinity of all That Is, to seek the Divine within.

The Spiritual Path requires a Soul to be willing to surrender their attachments and desires, for the attainment of a higher state of communion or meeting with God-Source within. As a life path, the fundamentals on the journey are reached by receiving the love and light of God and showering it upon all that you encounter, with wisdom and unconditional love.

From Spiritual Awakening to Initiation

Some souls are born in a spiritually awakened state of consciousness, and others are awakened at a specific time in their life through a spiritual activation of their energy or by divine intervention, and some people must awaken themselves through applying great effort. This is predetermined by the spiritual activities of one's most recent, previous life on Earth.
The Spiritual Neophyte is awakened by Great Spirit/God-Source for a higher reason, or they must awaken themselves through considerable effort, as they have not yet grounded their Spirit and Light truly, on the Earth in this lifetime.
Once a soul is spiritually awakened, they tend to either:
  1. GROW QUICKLY - By opening their divine connection, they begin to learn very quickly about the mysteries of the Universe and their universal nature. They seek out the spiritual teachings or truth that resonates for them, or they locate guides/mentors and tools/aids to gently help them find their way forward as they explore the spiritual path. So much is changing for a Spiritual Neophyte "on the inner" of their being - their feelings, thoughts, and all they were once interested in has already changed through their Spiritual Awakening. They are in need of new sources of interest, and these are discovered through following their heart resonance.

  2. OR, ENGAGE ON A SUPERFICIAL LEVEL WITH SPIRIT - Spiritual neophytes sometimes have fear of the spiritual path which can block them from deepening their exploration and opening their divine connection. If they are affected by their deeper fears, arising, a neophyte must first learn to cleanse their energy, to cleanse fear from their being, so they may be pulsed by their spirit in a clear, light direction that will create growth for their being. If a soul awakens spiritually, but cannot face cleansing their fears or opening their divine connection, then they are either led to others who can help them, or they stay in the superficial nature of making a spiritual connection, and may battle with the spiritual path. They will stay on the outer level of the door to the eternal light of their heart. After a period, they may simply give up on Spirit and release any faith they may have held in their Spirit, and Universal Spirit/Great Spirit/God-Source. They will remain unchanged and hold beliefs, and doubt the existence of The Spiritual Realms as they close their heart to Spirit.

Becoming a Spiritual Initiate

To become a Spiritual Initiate, a Neophyte must move through the following 7 steps to ground themselves on their Spiritual Path, and move beyond the Superficial energies that can sometimes influence a being when they first awaken to their Spiritual Nature and to the existence of Spirit. When you have clearly made the life choice that you are willing to move through all 7 steps as described below that are needed to maintain a clear heart and clear connection with Great Spirit/Oneness/God-Source, you are recognised as an Initiate of the Spiritual Path.

The 7 Steps to Becoming an Initiate of the Spiritual Path

The Spiritual Initiate has been fully awakened, and is self guided by the Light within, and is presently experiencing spiritual initiations which initiate and develop higher qualities of consciousness to grow within their being. The Spiritual Initiate is clearly grounded on their Spiritual Path and is aware they are a Spiritual Being, and their premise or core principle is aligned to their higher awareness, that Spirit, a natural force of love and light, exists, and is the source of the divine aspects of Physical reality.

A spiritual initiate carries the awareness they can let go and let love flow, open their heart more to forgive when it is needed, be guided by their heart and be inspired to new things in life, break free of old limiting perceptions, activate their higher purpose, take chances and make positive changes, expand their heart to embrace everyone, and attract positive opportunities. A spiritual initiate is aware that within the spiritual reality, connections are being made, and a lot is being prearranged, and all they need to do is to stay open and honour their heart pulsations and resonances, as this gives recognition to these sacred connections Spirit makes for them and their life, to flow in alignment to their higher life purpose.

These 7 steps prepare a neophyte to become the Spiritual Initiate:

Step 1 - Your Heart and Soul is needing to Let Go, to let the Love Flow.

How can this be easier? By receiving divine energy and opening your divine connection. 

Step 2 - You are Opening your Heart and Forgiving.

How can this be easier? By receiving divine assistance and by choosing to create a fresh start, based on acceptance and non-judgement of yourself and the others who are in your life.

Step 3 - You are being Guided by Your Heart and Inspired towards New Endeavours.

How can this be easier? By activating your Higher Self Connection and spending time on the inner, developing this connection until you are inspired by your Higher Self to move in a new direction with a new level of clarity.

Step 4 - You are Breaking Free from old Limiting Perceptions that others have held about you, and you have held about yourself and others.

How can this be easier? By activating your Higher Earth Connection and by turning on your higher thinking power so you are thinking that everything is changing in divine timing, and you are changing gently also, in divine timing, instead of thinking negatively.

Step 5 - You are Activating your Higher Life Purpose.

How can this be easier? By activating your divine connection and being guided by your higher self, every step of the way, and making decisions based on divine inspiration received from a higher state of connection, instead of choosing to follow all your feelings or ideas.

Step 6 - You are Taking Chances and Making Positive Changes.

How can this be easier? By empowering yourself to move beyond your fears so you may step up to fulfill your life purpose, and through not giving your power or belief to any resistance that may arise, and by reminding yourself how much love and light you will experience as you simply choose not to buy into fears or resistance that may arise.

Step 7 - You are Expanding your Heart to Embrace Everyone, and attracting positive opportunities and developments in your life.

How can this be easier? By giving back, paying it forward, and expanding your divine connection.  Be generous and share what you have, to grow your big heart, and the flow of love and life blessings will grow larger.
NOTE - If you have already moved through these 7 steps once, or more than once in this lifetime, you are an INITIATE OF THE SPIRITUAL PATH. If not, you are being initiated to make a deeper connection with your Heart, and following the 7 steps above, will help guide you to achieve this and stabilise yourself on your Spiritual Path.

The Seva of a Spiritual Initiate is to Give More to their Family, Community or World

All spiritual initiates are dedicated to their Soul and Spiritual Growth. They offer service to their families, communities, or to the world, via the giving of their love and light where their heart guides them.

Some spiritual initiates are teachers, some leaders, creators, mothers, fathers, guides, parents, managers... Spiritual initiates exist in all forms of lifestyles, and some are wealthy and some are poor, but rich of heart.

All live in the circumstances that best create them to grow or serve to the best of their ability, showering love and light on the world, their community or family. Spiritual Initiates though, increase their light vibration through giving from their hearts to others.

Their service (Seva) may be in many different forms. Some serve the Earth by planting trees, some serve the people, some serve the animals, some serve the children. They all serve one group or more than one group and go beyond themselves in their service - give more than what they receive.

This is the true nature of the Spiritual Initiate. To give more, is to know Spirit is abundant, loving and is the radiant light. To give more, is to rely more on Spirit to live your life, than to rely on the physical matters of life.

Those who are truly blessed, are those who give more than they receive, as they receive the richness and infinite treasures of their heart, through their giving nature. Those who are truly wise, withhold nothing, yet share what others can receive. Those who are truly loving, recognise that love is within, and is always able to heal or bring wholeness to anything.

These are the principles of the spiritual initiate. They are blessed through giving, wise through knowing when to give, and loving in their nature, of giving what is truly needed and not what is wanted.
The most important aspect of a Spiritual Initiate's life is their journey of giving, for every spiritual initiation increases this capacity within their being. It increases their ability to give so they may experience the blessings of Spirit, and it increases their wisdom and love in how they give. You may wish to read about the 7 Initiations, spiritual initiates choose to experience, to create even bigger hearts and even bigger tasks of service to their families, communities and our world.

The 7 Initiations of the Spiritual Path

If you have moved through the 7 STEPS described above, you may be experiencing one of the following initiations of spiritual growth. You may call on the Enlightened Masters to assist you to move through your journey of learning, and ask for assistance to discover what it is you need to balance or give love, energy and time to, to complete the initiation. Completing spiritual initiations raises your light vibration and consciousness to a higher level. These initiations are for your Spiritual and Soul's growth and they develop your SEVA, your ability to give more of yourself to the family, community or world.

EL MOYRA and MAITREYA are the Enlightened Masters who overlight this initiation for all on Earth.

THE INITIATION OF DIVINE WILL requires us to believe in ourselves, and believe in the Light and Love of God and love and light in others. This initiation builds faith and empowerment for a spiritual initiate. It is this that aligns our Will to the true power of our Hearts, Minds, Bodies and Spirit, and God's Plan. An initiate is initiated through THE WILL OF GOD in accordance to their Higher Life Plan, and this activates the Divine Plan to initiate their mission in life. This initiation activates the initiate to know the difference between their will and the divine will of God's Presence, and orchestrates the release of attachments which deny a Soul the flow of their life higher purpose.

The service an initiate offers during this time, purifies energies which would otherwise hinder their empowerment. Their service during this initiation always grants others, power, as the initiate will be guided to use their energy towards the greater good, and share their power with others. This is the way they purify old energies around the use of their own power, by sharing power with others. A Spiritual Initiate, during this initiation, purifies ancient fears they may carry about POWER - THE USE OF POWER, FEARS AROUND TAKING OTHER'S POWER, OR NOT STEPPING INTO THEIR POWER, FEARS OF NOT SHARING POWER, AND FEARS THAT POWER ALWAYS LEADS TO CORRUPTION AND HARMFUL ACTS AND CAUSES SUFFERING. THEY PURIFY THESE FEARS THROUGH THE OPENING OF THEIR HEARTS AND THROUGH THEIR GIVING, AND FORGIVING OTHERS.

On the Initiation of Divine Will, an initiate must show that they are not afraid of their own power, yet willing to share it, whilst also aligning their will to accept responsibility and to follow through and complete that which they are initiated to create as their higher service. In this initiation, a spiritual initiate takes a leadership role in life and serves others to raise in their empowerment in accordance to divine will, not their Soul's will. Through this, the initiate learns that when one aligns to divine will, everything flows in any project of a higher service to others, or the world.

DJWHAL KHUL and KUTHUMI are the Enlightened Masters who overlight this initiation for all on Earth.

THE INITIATION OF LOVE AND WISDOM requires us to love and trust ourselves, and love and trust others by accepting the Love and Wisdom of God into our Hearts and Minds.

It is this that aligns our Soul to our Heart and what lies inside as our own Soul's Love and Wisdom. An initiate is initiated by THE LOVE AND WISDOM OF GOD in accordance to their Higher Life Plan.

A Spiritual Initiate, during this initiation, must purify ancient fears they may carry about LOVE, LETTING THEM DOWN, LOVE ABANDONING THEM, LOVE CONTROLLING THEM, and fears that the DARKER NATURE IN OTHERS MAY DISTORT, HARM OR MISUSE THEIR PURE LIGHT ENERGY AND THUS DAMAGE THEIR HEART. They purify these fears as they offer their service to others through the sharing of love and wisdom.

On the Spiritual Initiation of Divine Love and Wisdom, an initiate must show that they are not afraid to love beyond their ego/lower self's conditions, limited beliefs, false illusions, and their deepest fears of being taken for a ride, or deeply hurt or used by another, in life.

The initiate must show, through relying on their belief in themselves and God and trust in the divine plan, that they can guide themselves with love and wisdom to the core of their heart and resolve all that may take them from the source of love and wisdom and from trusting in their own heart and God's love and wisdom, even if this takes them into situations where they must cleanse these fears and forgive that which causes heart break.

The initiate learns how they attract the positive and negative manifestations in their life via their unconscious fears and conscious thoughts, and how they can balance their life lessons through opening the heart and forgiving and trusting the journey as being necessary for greater access to Divine Love and Wisdom.

SERAPIS BEY and PAUL THE VENETIAN are the Enlightened Masters who overlight this initiation for all on Earth.

THE INITIATION OF THE CREATOR INTELLIGENCE requires us to be self creative in our process and believe in our intelligence, original divine blueprint, purpose, power of mind over matter, intuition, imagination and logic, and creative dreaming faculties... and that through our use of intelligence, we can direct our love and light into matter, and manifest what we hold as true in our heart and mind. It is this that aligns our Mind to the true power of our Heart, with Love, Light and Power. In this initiation, the initiate must rely upon their spiritual guidance to ground their creations, and create with their activated intelligence and spiritual instincts.

A Spiritual Initiate, during this initiation, must purify ancient fears they may carry about their LIFE CREATIONS, THEIR WORTHINESS IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD, THEIR USEFULNESS, THEIR PURPOSE, THEIR INTELLIGENCE AND GREATER CAPABILITIES TO FULFIL WHAT THEY ARE GUIDED TO AS THEIR SERVICE OR PRIMARY OFFERING TO THEIR FAMILY, WORLD OR COMMUNITY. This takes place through their service in the higher seeding of higher thought forms, and their service to orchestrate a creation of a higher purpose.

On this Initiation of Creative Intelligence, an initiate must show that they are not afraid to create, even if they do not create everything as they wish it to be. They must be willing to show that, with their will, love and wisdom and their creative intelligence and spiritual guidance, they can build and create with Holy Spirit, and that they are not afraid to create and activate divine imprints they receive, even if what they create, breaks down and is not everlasting.

PAUL THE VENETIAN and SERAPIS BEY are the Enlightened Masters who overlight this initiation for all on Earth.

THE INITIATION OF GREAT BALANCE AND HARMONY requires us to accept and enjoy the beauty of life, and to truly recognise that through the conflict of opposing forces, and a process of the harmonisation of these forces, love and beauty is earthed, and created or revealed through this. It is this that aligns our being to RESOLVING ALL THROUGH THE HEART, for this creates THE BEAUTY OF LIFE OR THE BEAUTY OF A BEING, TO BE REVEALED, or CREATED. It requires an initiate to place the great balance of others, as a path for self harmonisation and great balance within their own lives. It is the initiation that asks an initiate to fully trust that all duality energies can collapse and merge as one to reactivate balance and harmony in life.

A Spiritual Initiate, during this initiation, must purify ancient fears they may carry about CONFLICT, DUALITY, POLARISING FORCES, WAR, AND FEARS THAT PEACE, HARMONY AND LOVE WILL BE DESTROYED BY LIFE'S CONFLICTS. They purify these fears as they offer their service to harmonising situations and resolving conflicts and creating beauty and harmony.

On the Initiation of Great Balance and Harmony, an initiate must show that they are not afraid of conflicting and challenging situations, and that they are able to create Harmony from energies that are conflicting.

HILARION and BABAJI are the Enlightened Masters who overlight this initiation for all on Earth.

THE INITIATION OF ENERGY requires us to move energy, raise energy and create more energy from that which God provides us with. We must learn to bend our will to move dimensions so our perceptions of time and energy change, to give us the expanded picture of life. In this initiation, the initiate is developing new band widths of their energy and opening windows and doorways in time, space and dimensions to create a great expansion in their energy.


On the Initiation of Energy, an initiate must show that they are not afraid of losing, gaining or increasing their energy, and master the dimensions through non-attachment to time, energy and dimensions of space, so they can travel freely through all dimensions, without limitation.

NADA and CHRIST are the Enlightened Masters who overlight this initiation for all on Earth.

THE INITIATION OF DEVOTION THROUGH SERVICE requires us to devote ourselves to God and our path of communion with God. It is this that aligns our Souls to the true power of communion and greater service in life.

A Spiritual Initiate, during this initiation, must purify ancient fears they may carry about DEVOTIONAL SERVICE, LEADING THEM AWAY FROM PERSONAL LOVE EXPERIENCES, RELATIONSHIPS, THEIR DREAMS. This initiation offers to purify the ego's greatest fears of loss of SELF, for this initiation is the GIVING AWAY OF SELF to GOD.

On the Initiation of Devotion, an initiate must show that they are not afraid of loss, loss of relationships, loss of love, and engage in the embodiment of HUMILITY. Only when HUMILITY IS THE WAY OF BEING, does a Soul truly embrace this initiation and truly grow beyond the illusions or false beliefs that a spiritual initiate should receive something back for their devotional service.

ST GERMAINE and HILARION are the Enlightened Masters who overlight this initiation for all on Earth.  

THE INITIATION OF TRANSFORMATION AND ALCHEMY requires us to accept all changes in life as DIVINE, and to empower oneself to change at will, anything in self, to becoming more flexible in one's consciousness and energy. This initiation requires an initiate to have no fixed place, and to experience a journey of continual change with no stop on the journey. It requires an Initiate to accept that change is positive and beneficial, even if it is not consciously chosen. It requires an initiate to see the benefits in everything that changes, and that this is the base for a greater transformation for the whole planet and universe's transformational movement or path of evolution.


On the Initiation of Transformation, an initiate must show that they are not afraid of creating changes and activating transformations in those around them, and they must show they can successfully transform everything, when they need to.
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