We Are Life's Song - The Essence of Creation

Apr 4 / Lelama Jyumaali Sjamar
In the Natural dimensions of Life around us we see the most powerful reflection of our True Spiritual Nature, our Universal Being, our Life Song, given Life in Body, Mind, Heart, Soul and Spirit.
Breathing in the essence of our natural environment, the Essence of Creation, the physical manifestation of Yamala, the Mother of Creation, is breathing in our Spiritual Power. Bringing in from the Sun, the Water, the Trees, the Creatures, the Wind, the Earth herself the great Essence, Frequency, Power of Life into our being, is giving Life to our True Self, our Great Dream, our Spiritual Fire, our Higher Purpose for being Here Now. 

Opening ourselves to Mother Nature is opening ourselves to the True Nature of our being.

In the great Earth beneath us, the grand Trees beside us, the immense Ocean all around us, the sweet Rain blessing us, the Golden Sun illuminating us, the Thunder enlightening us, the whirling Wind changing us, the wild Waterfall cleansing us, the sacred Source Pools filling us, the Fire of Spirit igniting us, the night sky filled with Stars inspiring us... 

Breathing in to every dimension, every creature, every being, every encounter in the Field of the Earth opens our being to the journey of embodying our Creator Nature. In symbiotic relationship with all Life, skin to skin, heart to heart, we breathe in from the Universal Field of Life. Yamala is the Essence of Creation within us, within every sentient being. Breathing in from her Heart, her Love, her Power, feeds us, nourishes us and gives us the power to create as we walk our path. Opening to the Essence of the Natural World around us, births the Natural World within us.

Gently begin to see yourself as an extension of the Earth, of the Tree, of the Ocean, of the Sun, of every Creature, of the Wind. As you breathe in, you bring Life's Essence into you. As you breathe out, bring yourself into all dimensions of the Natural World around you. This is the first breath from where all Sound or Life births. This is the first step of creating Peace, of coming Home into yourself, of Belonging here on Earth.

Life is a Song.

Every sacred sound we make, awakens the Essence of Creation in every part of our Natural World, including our own being. Every sacred sound vibration touches, merges, activates a vibration within all of Life, within the Field in and around us. 

As the breath deepens, in a natural rhythm, the frequency, the vibration, the power builds to become the sound. The current, or orbit of the breath, in and out, the circular motion, builds the connection with all in the field, in the Natural World. There is a moment this energy births as a sound to be directed into any part of Life. 

Yamala is the bridge, the circuit, the current through which the Breath births the new creation of Sound

the Mother that brings her frequency through our Body, Mind, Heart, Soul and Spirit, to infuse into our Voice, our Sound, our Word – sourced from the Spiritual Essence of Life via our Breath.

Like a new born baby, the first sound births, involuntarily, yet full of Life and Intention, Inspiration and Direction – whether we are aware or not. From the dark womb upon a beam of light the sound projects into the world, penetrating and igniting the Field of Life. 

What is this sound, but the Essence of Creation, Life's very first presentation of the creation. 

What triggers this sound to birth, but the very spark of Light entering the Womb of darkness, of pure Waters of Love.

Entering the cosmic rhythm of Breath releases the whirl Wind, stabilises the Energy, silences the Song, as it dissolves into the Whole of all of Life's Energy, pure, untouched Essence of Creation, formless and infinite Love.

We return into a state of Peace, Harmony, Balance. From chaos, emotion, confusion, from a Storm in Life, we return Home to where we Belong, to the very Essence that lays in the pure Voidal Womb of Creation. Awaiting the Spark of Light that impregnates the Love, seeds the Pulse, initiates a new vibration, the building of the Life Force to birth as a new Sound, ignite a new creation.
This is the Essence of Creation. Without the Mind's concern, it continues its sacred orbit through the cosmos and the Earth's Field. A natural current births, as one sound joins another and another. One sound upon one sound upon one sound, following one another into a stream, a current, a song, a rhapsody. A language that is the true expression of the Essence of Creation, the immense Light of the Field impregnating the Seed of the Soul laying dormant in the Womb of Creation, in the Love of the Mother, awaiting their moment.
This is our True Nature. We are already here. When we birth as a Soul on Earth, we are initiated to travel Home to Earth, as a Seed in the Earth's Heart ignites, determining the time is here now, within the Divine Plan of Gaia to illuminate our Purpose, our Path of our Soul's Light, here on Earth.
The Divine Presence of our Soul, one with the Universal Field of Creation, with the Cosmic and Universal Commands, with God and All That Is, ignites the Spark, the Moment, the Timing for the ignition and birthing of our Soul's Life Song. 

Every Soul is a Song in the very Essence of their Being, a Song Line of Creation, a current of Sounds upon Sounds upon Sounds that initiate, activate, illuminate, nourish and feed every step upon step upon step on the Soul's Path.

This Songline interacts with the Song Line of every other Creature, Tree, Waterway, Star, Fire, Heart, with the Creation Lines in the Earth Mother herself, the song lines that carry the creation current through all dimensions of Life on Earth. 

Born from the Seed in the Infinite Voidal Field of Love of the Cosmic Womb of Creation impregnated with the Spark of the Cosmic Light, Life on Earth is in symbiotic relationship with All Life, creating a Sacred Web of Songs and Creation Lines, feeding all of Life's amazing creations and creatures. We are a Breath, a Sound, a Song weaving this Matrix of Creation. 
Opening to the True Nature of Frequency, Sound, Language of our Soul and Spirit, is to birth the Divine Voice of our Higher Self here on Earth, so we may consciously contribute, commune, co-create. Speaking Truth on a multidimensional level, connecting, reconnecting, releasing, feeding, regenerating, empowering, enlightening with the Power of our Sound, our Light Language any aspect of this great Field, this Sacred Web of Life on Earth, in any being, in our own being, is the birthing of our True Purpose, our True Expression, our True Nature here in the Natural World.
Life is a Song. 
Would you like to learn more about your Place within the Universal Field, about Yamala, Mother of Creation or about developing the gift of your Soul Song, your Divine Voice, your Higher Self Channel to offer your puzzle piece, your contribution to the Great Field of Creation on Earth? 

You are welcome to join a group of loving souls who all embark on a one year journey to ignite their Divine Voice and learn to work with your Power of Creation with Lelama Sjamar in the Self Mastery School of Divine Voice 

We Love You, Namaste, Thank you so much for receiving these sacred words and sounds. 
     May you discover the Song of Life within You
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