What is Really Happening in Our World

Qala Sri'ama Phoenix
There are many theories, conspiracies and ideas about why our lives have unexpectedly been changed or halted by the global pandemic.
We place out the call to all Love Light Workers to recognise that LOVE and our HEART is the guide to the discovery of Truth. We recommend that we stay strong by not looking to fear-driven messages to find the answers or guidance to what is happening right now and what will occur in the future. It is important for us to all to understand what is happening so we may all take our responsibility and do our part. As a human race, the global pandemic is teaching all of us to value life more deeply and not take life or our world system for granted. Listen to Qala Sri'ama Phoenix, Founder of the Divine University speak below. 

In this audio, Qala speaks for 12 minutes about "What is Really Happening" from the Spiritual Perspective. 

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(Audio length:  12:35)
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