Your Eternal Nature

Qala Sri'ama Phoenix
Within the base of your heart chakra is your Soul's Eternal Flame. This is your Source connection to all within the Earth, Universe and Cosmos. The source of this flame is your Holy Spirit, also known as your Divine Presence. Your Holy Spirit lives in oneness with God-Source and is your source of pure light, love and power.
The eternal flame lay within every Soul's heart and is their eternal link with God-Source or Universal Spirit. When you activate the Eternal Flame within your Heart Chakra, the Christ Light of your Heart begins to radiate and illuminate out through your Field directly from your Source Centre.

When our heart opens in this way, we begin to share our inner light and essence with others, bless them and nurture them with our Soul's heart energy. Beings around us truly experience feeling loved, when we shine the light of our heart upon them, and keep our heart open to sharing our inner light with them.

The light of our hearts when ignited, activates the remembrance of who we are. Our Souls are divine light beings. We carry the pure light within, our Christ Hearts. When we remember and believe we are eternal beings and the Source within us is limitless and an infinite stream, we learn to rely on our own eternal connection to receive the light we need to be able to love, and as we share this with others through our giving heart, we shall never feel depleted of light and love.

The Christ heart - the pure Light of one's own Heart, is often unrecognised in many people's lives. It is the pure nature of our soul which links us in divine relationship with the light within everything, and due to this it is only when we recognise our inner light, that can we have deeper experiences of Oneness or Unity.

The busy nature of the world and all our focuses on our practical life and needs, can create a soul to forget who they are truly are. Our eternal nature as a child of God is the very core of the truth of who we are. When this is recognised, the greater challenges we meet can be met with a greater strength of heart, a greater faith and a greater acceptance and love.

In all that occurs in our lives, our Christ heart when it is activated, can support us to remember the larger picture and remember that this life is temporary and all occurring in our lives is also temporary. It supports us to realize that as Souls, we have an eternal nature, and that there is no death of our Soul, only transformation from one form to another, or return to our Source home.

Our eternal journey as Souls, which does promote change and growth, may be deeply resisted due to fears that we hold onto, about aspects of our lives. As souls, we always experience hardship when we go against the grain of who we truly are, and we go against the natural flow and changes in our life or our eternal nature as Souls.

Opening our Christ heart provides us the true power of forgiveness, love, compassion and kindness and we may offer this to ourselves and others. It comes from our Souls, truly learning to rely on our inner light, and learning to draw the inner light of our Hearts out and share it unconditionally with others, even after one may have been hurt or experience pain from the actions, words or intentions of others.

Our Christ Heart does not judge others by their mistakes, or misdemeanours, and forgives the lower nature of other Souls and offers love to the darker and light nature of a being.

To open our Christ heart we need to remind ourselves that all of the little things in life are little, and the eternal truth is that we are children of God and one with all beings. Our Christ Heart, when activated by our choices to truly forgive betrayals, hurts and pains we may have suffered due to acts, words and intentions of others, is indeed accepting of all that occurs, and embraces all experiences with unconditional love and compassion.

As you make choices to OPEN YOUR HEART instead of continuing to keep it closed to some things in life, your heart chakra has the potential to grow and eventually be so large in its energy, everything that comes into your life is truly embraced with your Soul's love.

You create oneness with all that you focus on deeply through your heart

The greatest question is, what do you wish to experience in this incarnation? Oneness with pain and suffering, or oneness with love? It is what we place our greatest focus on and faith in, that creates our greatest experience in life.

If you have faith in love, you will experience oneness with love every day of your life. If you have faith in pain, you will experience pain.
Where do we place our faith as eternal beings?

Our Christ heart, as it opens, provides us a guide to build our faith in ourselves and in each other.
Call for the Christ heart of your soul to be fully awakened and if you are willing to let go of placing so much importance on the little things, your Christ heart will guide you to meet the eternal power and love and light of your soul so you may accept that the larger matters in life can be balanced through the opening and activation of your Christ Heart.

It is each of our Soul's deepest wishes to know ourselves beyond what we see in the physical aspect of our reality and world. Spirit calls us. This is the spirit that lives within our hearts. We are called on our sacred path by Spirit, in our own way.

The light of our soul will guide our path to provide all experiences and learnings we need, to know ourselves as divine beings if we choose to place our greatest focus on oneness with love, rather than other energies.

May this offering of wisdom support you today to remember your eternal nature and that your Soul will live on forever, beyond the nature of self as you know yourself to be right now through your present physical incarnation.

Know that whatever you are doing, however you are living, and all you recognise as your life experience, is very temporary, as your soul is eternal and timeless, and your physical experience is one small leg of a much larger journey on your spiritual path.
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