Higher Purpose

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Loving Your Life

Your Spiritual Essence or Light Guides You

Your Spiritual Essence or Light guides you on your Spiritual Path so you may discover the true meaning and purpose of your incarnation on Earth. Discovery of your Higher Life Purpose gifts your soul the opportunity for a more wholistic life and it allows your soul an opening to your path of greatest growth and development.

There are so many reasons why we may feel spiritually called or guided to align our lives to our Higher Life Purpose. Some of these reasons may be:
  • Our Soul's inner calling to experience Love through our Open Healed Heart
  • The feeling of a full heart, when using our gifts in benefit of our world
  • The depth and breadth we meet in life, as our personal growth advances
  • The sensation of freedom we experience when we liberate ourselves from unresolved karma
  • The empowerment we experience as our creativity generates more of what we love in life

'Loving your Life' is an inner contentment, peace or happiness felt on the deepest level of your being, as you spend time, energy and creativity in ways that provides meaning for your Soul.

We may all have a beautiful fulfilling life, when we align our choices to our Higher Purpose. How can we do this?  By simply opening our heart and mind, in collaboration with others for the benefit or creation of Win-Win experiences. 

Your Soul may be ready for your next evolutionary step to be the discovery of your Higher Life Purpose. 

If you do not yet love your life, you can set the intention to align your path to your Heart and your Higher Life Purpose, by learning to work directly with your Higher Self and Divine Presence. As you align with your Higher Self and Divine Presence, your Higher Life Purpose naturally unfolds in your life and initiates you to discover greater meaning in your life.

This discovery invites you to align with LOVE, COLLABORATION and the WIN-WIN MENTALITY. It invites you to let go of the old paradigms of needing to be in control, in competition or comparison of others and focused on Winning, as the base of one's self-fulfilment. The discovery of your Higher Life Purpose requires you to align your life choices with your Heart Energy and your inner self's deeper truth and needs.

Your Higher Life Purpose may be something very different to what you originally imagined but once it is is fully accepted, it is your soul's path to true emotional, mental and spiritual freedom. As you give energy and time to your Higher Life Purpose with an open heart, you shall become lighter and freer as a human being.

There are many Programs you may explore on The Sirius Library that will support you to make the inner changes necessary for this alignment and discovery.
Love is One of Your Higher Callings
Your HEART opening is the most important life experience necessary to discover your Higher Life Purpose and feel fulfillment with this.  Love may call you into what seems to be the deepest troubled waters for you to enter the deepest places of forgiveness, so your may ignite your inner source of love through your heart and be called to your path of finding peace, happiness and your true life calling. This is unique for every person.
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