3 Divine Energy Chambers

Receive 3 very Special 'Divine Energy Chambers' for Sleeping within
So you can be the very best version of yourself on the most important days of your life
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THE DIVINE UNIVERSITY ENERGY CHAMBERS are SPECIAL RECHARGE SLEEPING Chambers that Qala Sri’ama Phoenix can activate for you to sleep in.

All you have to do is listen to a 20 minute audio recording before you sleep and the Chamber is set up for you.

The ASCENSION CHAMBER is an amazing 24 hour Energy Support that you sleep in for 6 hours or more. It infuses you with 32 pure coloured Light Frequencies, creating you to be at your VERY BEST ENERGY VIBRATION for something very important that you have planned the next day. This Chamber may only be entered for one night, once every 3 weeks. When you wake up you will walk around in your Ascension Chamber all day, infusing you with a Higher Vibration.

The REJUVENATION CHAMBER is perfect for anyone who has a tired body, mind, Soul or Spirit, and need's to rejuvenate their energy. You may sleep in the Chamber for 6 hours and it will infuse you with a Pure Emerald Energy, and blends of other Pure Light Frequencies into your Core Energy, your physical body and your energy body. It may be slept in for a period of 7 nights in a row to have a deeper Rejuvenation Process, so that you may recover some or all of your Life Energy.

The ANGELIC HEALING CHAMBER is perfect for anyone who needs to balance their emotions or for someone suffering with grief or depression. You may sleep in the Chamber for 7 hours and it will gently infuse you with Divine Energy and lift one layer of unresolved feelings each time you sleep inside of it. You may sleep in the Chamber for 7 nights in a row to help balance deeper feelings you may experience.

The audio recordings that Qala Sri'ama Phoenix has created for you to have this SPECIAL ENERGY SUPPORT regularly, are owned and copyrighted by The Divine University. You are free to use these for your personal support, in accordance to the Special Instructions we supply you, and they will support you personally in your life.

You may also share this with others and let them know that they may also SIGN UP FOR THIS FREE ENERGY SUPPORT BY SIGNING UP FOR FREE MEMBERSHIP, however, the Divine Energy Chambers are specifically activated by Qala Sri'ama through her unique relationship with the Enlightened Ones, The Archangels and Angels, and it is important to understand that they WILL NOT ACTIVATE through any other method, other than signing up via this Free Membership and following Qala’s direction.

3 Divine Energy Chambers

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Qala Sri'ama Phoenix

Qala Sri'ama Phoenix is the founder of the Divine University, an International Teacher and Author. Qala is an Ambassador for the Enlightened Masters. Over the last 20 years, the new education, dispensations, and profound grace offered, has blessed and raised the quality of people's lives in over 40 countries. 
Qala has created over 150 unique programs of new education with the Enlightened Masters for advancement of our consciousness. These programs open access to our Super Consciousness and Self Mastery, developing our Divine Connection to create the embodiment of our Higher Self and Divine Presence as a Path of Transformation in the reaching of our human potential.
Qala's Teachings are unique in their precision of revealing completely new information, sourced from the Universal Realms, and through the Power of Transmission of Divine Frequency which infuses all participants and shifts them into a higher state of awareness.
So many people continue to be amazed at the heights of love, peace, happiness, and the natural high they can reach through the teachings, wondering how...  through simply listening to Qala, it was possible that their energy state and experience could alter so deeply and so quickly, as if to be touched by the Angels, or the hand of God.
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