Heart Portal Meditations

with Ama'Ya Makira Kumara

A collection of 23 meditations (60 minutes each) that offer you a unique divine upgrade of your energy body system. Each meditation offers you 3 dispensations of light frequency that will upgrade your energy and support you on your spiritual path and higher purpose.
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Heart Portal Meditations
with AmaYa Makira Kumara

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Ama'Ya Makira Kumara

It is from the warmth and power of her Mother heart that Ama'Ya co-creates Circles of Love and Liberation, in Presence, and delivers grace, truth and wisdom for the opening, healing, blessing and illlumination of a soul's heart. She is spiritual Soul Mother, teacher and guide for initiates of the Holy Mother path and is devoted to initiating the truth of the inner beauty, divine qualities, precious gifts and living light essence of a soul to be shared through their open heart.
As an ambassador for the Holy Mother and emissary for her Divine Presence and the Family of Light, Ama'Ya specialises in the Mastery of Divine Love as a spiritual path. Her unique specialty is God's love, the teachings and blessings of love and the full open heart, and the beauty and power of love as a path of liberty and evolution for our human heart, mind and soul.
In 1999, Ama'Ya began training with Qala Sri'ama, and continues to receive so much from this blessed work via Qala's Enlightened Master teachings, tours and programs. This work has birthed Ama'Ya in a profound way, opening and revealing her gifts as a transmissional channel and directing her evolving path of world service.
Ama'Ya serves internationally and offers retreats, teaching circles, webinars, trainings and personal sessions, and more recently, charitable assistance to women and girls in Mexico's prisons. During 2014/15, in co-facilitation with Qala, Ama'Ya trained over 150 students to ground their Angelic Presence via the one year Self Mastery School of Loving Presence.
Personal Akashic record readings are available with Ama'Ya to assist you to reclaim your power as a soul, build self realisation, raise your love vibration, evolve your consciousness, and soften, melt and lighten your heart for your soul’s greater ease in life. 

You may contact Ama'Ya, regarding her individual session and group work at: amaya@thedivineuniversity.com
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