Heart Portal Meditation
for: March 2023

with Mareesha Ma Kumara

A 60 minute meditation that offers you a unique divine upgrade of your energy body system. This meditation offers you 3 dispensations of light frequency that will upgrade your energy and support you on your spiritual path and higher purpose.
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This Heart Portal meditation is a gift to you from Mareesha Ma Kumara, the Angels of Love, the Angels of Purity, the Archangels, Lady Portia, Lady Nada, St Germaine and the Karmic Board, accompanied by the Family of Light. It is 66 minutes in length.

The focus of this month's energy body upgrade is to invite your soul to forgive itself and any others it has blamed, to surrender all blame and judgement so that you can receive the unconditional love of God Source for yourself and others. This self-healing offers you a path of self-transformation and an opportunity to open and purify the deepest most unconscious layers of the heart in which the oldest karmic memories are held.

We are invited to breathe the holy breath of oneness and deeply let go so that a profound healing can take place with all the divine support offered by the Angels and Masters of Light and Love. The presence and power of the Karmic Board assists us, and all three masters… Lady Portia, Lady Nada and St Germaine are members of the Karmic Board. There is nothing for you to do except surrender deeply and open yourself up to receive.

Together we invoke the conscious connection to the Heart Portal and call for it to open to the 12th Octave of Love and Light within and around us now. We call for the Angels and Archangels to merge their heart flames with our heart chakras and ask for this to expand 1,000-fold within and around us now. As we do this intentionally, we are supported by the highest frequencies and deepest love and light.

In the Temple of Love and Wisdom, surrounded by the teams of enlightened ones, we are offered powerful transfusions of gold, pink and violet frequencies, infusions of opalescent and diamond white light, divine dispensations to profoundly assist us as we are filled with grace to enable a deep healing to take place.

The holy breath expands our heart flame when we focus on this and as we consciously breathe into our pillar and expand it, connecting deeply with Mother Gaia and the Suns, we create an opportunity for deep clearing, dissolving and purifying to take place.


The 1st Dispensation which you shall receive are the Golden Feathers of Forgiveness and Infusions of Forgiveness and Love to assist us to release all judgement and infuse us with mercy, from Lady Portia and the Angels of Purity.
As you receive this you are invited to release all blame, all judgement of yourself and others so that any energies that are held within you can be easily and gracefully released. Any and all beliefs that you are less than, unworthy, not a divine creation can be lifted.  

The 2nd Dispensation which you shall receive is the gift of many extraordinary coloured roses and the Pink Flame from Lady Nada and the Angels of Love. Lady Nada places many extraordinary coloured roses within you to unfurl within all dimensions of your heart, assisting all old energies to be lifted and enabling your heart to receive and be replenished by more of the pure pink frequency of love. The power of the pink flame can be used to heal the heart of all illusions, old energies, vows, agreements, closures and obstacles and to realise the temporary nature of all of these. The purity within is the divine being that you are, and your divine connection is the only truth.  

The 3rd Dispensation which you shall receive is an Amethyst Tablet from St Germaine. The Amethyst Tablet dissolves, clears, cleanses and purifies as it spirals at the highest frequency in divine order for your being. Old karmic energies are released and absolved with the assistance of the Masters of the Karmic Board.    

When you call for the Heart Portal to activate at the beginning of each day, you can immediately connect to and receive the divine frequencies of the Angels and Archangels. The more frequently you consciously connect to the Heart Portal, the faster you will experience a shift in your energy field and consciousness.  

Remember to connect to your heart and open it fully with your breath. Expand it and fill it with light, from the lake of light all around you. Sit within this sphere of light and love and receive for yourself. Activate and ground your pillar by connecting your heart flame to the Mother Earth and the Suns. Consciously expand your pillar so that you are held within it. This will enable any trapped or strong energies within you to move through you more gracefully into the Earth.    

This divine support has been provided for you in order to liberate your energy so that you can be filled with love and experience a powerful upliftment.   

We honour you, bless you and give thanks for all you are acknowledging, embracing, and letting go of, for your own healing and for all others. This is a great service to yourself and all beings. May you experience a boundless love and great peace as you progress in your meditation practice.
May your every day be Blessed, dear ones.  
With all our Love, Blessings and Gratitude.  

Mareesha Ma Kumara
Teachings of Our Source Connection

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Mareesha Ma Kumara

Mareesha Ma Kumara is a Divine University Mentor, supporting the development of new education for humanity and the Earth and is a Divine University Ambassador for Australia and New Zealand.
Mareesha's specialty is to be able to access the eternal records of the soul, the Akashic Records, which can help you to release the hold of limiting thoughts, feelings and consciousness over your life, allowing you to feel lighter, more loving and more empowered. It is possible to learn that the divine assistance of the Family of Light is always here for us and that we can be released from karma.
For the past 35 years Mareesha has been deeply passionate about helping people transform their lives, pulsed by her own desire and need to do something about her own unhappiness and anxiety. Now, in co-creation with my Presence, she reconnects a soul to their source, holding the door open for those whose heart wish is to experience the presence of God/Source within more strongly.
Mareesha Ma Kumara

Mareesha would love to support and assist you to experience more freedom, to have a lighter heart, a more peaceful mind, more joy and be able to live your life with purpose.
You may connect with her for a Personal Akashic Record reading and upcoming group work at: mareesha@thedivineuniversity.com
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