Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Programs/Courses

What makes the Sirius Library meditations & teachings unique?

The Sirius Library programs are unique in 5 ways:

  1. The teachings & meditations connect directly with your energy body and chakras and infuse divine energy into your being as you listen to the teachings, meditations, healings, and journeys.
  2. They contain teachings for your Soul that raise your consciousness and grant you higher understandings about yourself, others, the world, and the universe.
  3. All our programs are transmissional. In other words, as you listen to each session, they bring divine energy and blessings to you for many different purposes.
  4. Our programs create you to evolve and grow in dynamic ways. You are taken into a higher state of being, the more you receive and the deeper you journey through the programs.
  5. Our programs contain special blessings, gifts and visitations from the Angels, Archangels and Enlightened Ones.

Do I need to have experience with spiritual teachings & meditation to receive benefits from this work?

No, many people from all over the world who have not had any previous experience have received the teachings & meditations and although at first, they may not have understood what was happening, they received the divine energy and felt something change in their being. Many love the energy so much they return to become long term students and have evolved and grown to feel enriched in their life, through developing their spiritual connection.  

Some beginners may simply experience the feeling of lightness or peace and others can experience feeling bliss, happiness, joy and feel elated and more connected. There is something for everybody as all our teachings are heart-based.  

Our beginner programs are suitable for all people who are seeking love, wisdom, grace that are open to receiving divine energy and spiritual assistance.

What is the primary style of meditations taught within the various programs of the Sirius Library?

Qala’s teaches a new style of meditation that is based on “Illumination” – the illumination of your energy field, chakras, the heart of your soul, your mind and physical body. This style of meditation is based on Qala’s mastery in understanding the energy science of the human energy system and human development.  All our meditations are based on receiving receive divine energy from the Quantum Field (Unified Field of Oneness) and from your Source Connection with your Divine Presence and God-Source/The Divine within all of life.     

The meditations invite you to close your eyes and take your focus to your heart centre and then take you are taken on a guided journey which moves the energy, shifts the state of your energy, and opens you to a higher level of connection for a specific purpose. 

Our meditations are based on centering your consciousness and they can involve simple processes of cleansing, purification, illumination, activation, initiation, expansion of your energy and consciousness. The Divine energy comes to you, without a lot of effort on your part, and our style of meditations simply open you to receive higher levels of love and light. Beings of light often make contact with you and bring special forms of support to you during the meditations.  

How much time will I need to give to receive benefit from becoming a member of the Sirius Library?

If you just want to test the waters, and are not yet ready to commit…

  • We recommend that you begin with our Heart Portal Mini Course (within our free membership) and then advancing to our free introduction course to Quantum Shift Experience. These mini courses are very short, powerful and will give you a wonderful quick uplift.
  • From these two small mini courses, you will know if you wish to commit to giving a little time most days to making a real shift in your being.

If you know that you need an energetic shift in your life
as you feel heavy, and life is really not at all easy….
You need to commit and give yourself some time most days. We recommend that you will need to set aside 25 minutes each day to kickstart your day with higher energy. Once you get a good flow with this, it will shapeshift your days as you will start off in a higher energy vibration.  

  • We recommend signing up for at least 3 months of Quantum Shift Experience, if you are not ready to commit to your Quantum leap through all 9 levels.    
  • Whatever level of the shift, you sign up for, it will make a big difference to how you feel. If you like the change, you can expand it by receiving the new Quantum shift audios month by month after this.    
  • Or you may wish to commit to making your quantum leap now and sign up for the 9-month program to fully rebirth your energy.    

If you are more dedicated to shifting your consciousness and energy and would like to ‘open your divine connection’ and change your way of thinking as well to experience a longer term shift in the way you think and feel.  

  • We recommend our next two programs to you – 'Master Meditation’ and 'Win-Win Thinking SuperConsciousness Training' as they work so well with each other.  
  • These programs offer longer sessions, but you can pace them in accordance with your own schedule and take as long as you like to complete the programs.

Am I going to experience any discomfort as I move through personal growth and transformation processes?

Personal growth and transformation always involves 3 essential elements: 

  • New Approaches... When you take a whole new approach to the things in your life that are not working for you, transformation and growth takes place. This approach needs to be soul-centered and aligned to the truth of your Soul, to be empowering to YOU. Taking a whole new approach is an investment in your future and is the base of personal growth and transformation. Discomfort can sometimes occur, if you have an inner battle inside of yourself if your ego, not feeling ready to trust your heart and Soul. Receiving love always brings comfort, balance and supports your ego to let go during any self- transformation journey, so you can follow your heart and take a new approach to your life.

  • New Choices... New choices empower you to create new experiences in your life. New choices made from positive beliefs are made easily and will bring success to you if you open your heart, mind, and your physical body’s core energy – switching on your higher light vibration and higher awareness. All paths of transformation require you to open up your energy and gently open up parts of your being that you have closed down. Sometimes we store memories of painful experiences inside of our energy bodies and physical body. As we receive the divine energy it pours like a special medicine into the areas of our being which are more closed down, areas that may hold some spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical pain.  Sometimes the memories or source of pain can surface, so they can transform and release. The true source of our discomfort comes from closing our energy and consciousness as closure creates pain. The process of opening our divine connection can sometimes be challenging in the presence of memories surfacing, it is important to remember that if one stays true to one’s intention to transform and let go and one’s stay aligned to your choice to transform the old feelings/beliefs, you will always feel better and improve your life.

  • Positive Change... Positive Change in your life does require you to let go of old ways of thinking and perceiving that causes your energy and being to be out of balance. Discomfort can occur, when you do not have the tools and support to be able to let go of what no longer works for you. This discomfort is called resistance and can create us to feel stuck, trapped, fearful, negative, and no longer growing/flowing to our life potential. Our programs offer you the support and tools of how to lift yourself into higher states, so you are feeding love and divine energy to the areas of your being that may hold resistance or negative beliefs/perceptions or blockages to the flow of your light/spirit and higher consciousness.  

It is also important to recognise that self-transformation takes place through deepening your heart connection with:
  • yourself and all that is important in your life
  • your friends, family
  • your work or life activities
  • your community and humanity
  • the Earth and all of nature  

When we have closed our soul, heart, mind or spirit to anything, we also limit our access to our higher consciousness and form negative beliefs or programs that misguide us and create a loss of our authentic expression and higher potential growth and happiness. 

Sometimes we carry pain in our hearts and souls, that needs to be cleansed or released, to allow our lives’ alignment to new levels of our potential growth and happiness.  

When we open ourselves up again, sometimes the unresolved feelings and negative beliefs arise to the surface, and we temporarily experience them before we cleanse or release them. This can be a part of the shedding process, yet in the Sirius Library programs, you are assisted powerfully to receive love and divine energy and the teachings that allow this to be easier. You are supported to make self-realisations to empower yourself, to trust yourself and believe in yourself, so you can make new approaches, new choices to create positive change within yourself, and therefore positive change in your

Can the Sirius Library teachings & meditations benefit my physical body healing journey?

Some of the teachings and meditations are aligned more specifically to bringing divine energy into your physical body. Aspects of this can be found thread through various programs.

The true purpose of our programs is to enlighten your soul and spirit more deeply with the consciousness awareness of your inner light, your love and personal power.

The state of your heart & Soul and your Spirit feeds your mind and body and creates many of your experiences in the physical body and mind state.

How you think and feel about yourself, your body and your life are all important elements to the creation of your quality of life.

In our teachings, this begins on a deeply personal level, on the soul level but expands into the collective level, with the encounters of your spirit. In this way, we believe if your Soul is content, and your Spirit is grounded in your heart, your body will receive all the love and light it needs to improve its balance, healing, and empowerment.

Is it possible to receive personal guidance & assistance with any of the programs offered by the Sirius Library?

You may wish to work with a mentor from the Divine University, who is familiar with Qala’s programs. This is not compulsory as all of our programs are created to be received in the Heart portal or a Spiritual Portal where you are supported by your Spiritual guides, Higher Self and the Angels or Enlightened Ones.  

Working with a mentor or a spiritual buddy can also create a wonderful acceleration or integration. We do not have mentoring services in The Sirius Library but can recommend and connect you with wonderful mentors from The Divine University.  

If you wish to connect with a mentor, for the specific purpose of supporting you through any of our programs, you may contact us at:

We can forward your contact to one of our recommended mentors who are familiar with you the programs you are registered for. They would then get in touch with you.

How can I access one of Qala’s other teaching programs that I have heard of, if I cannot find it to enroll in on the Sirius Library website?

Many of Qala’s other teaching programs are being edited, and professionally packaged and upgraded. They will all be released through The Sirius Library within the next 5 years.  

If you know the name of the program or topic and location in the world where it was created, you may contact us at: and we can let you know if it is close to being ready for release or if there will be a pre-release access.

How can I best offer my service to planet Earth and humanity?

There are so many ways to offer you service to Mother Earth and Humanity.  

Your greatest service to Mother Earth and humanity is the complete opening of your heart, so you may be guided by your heart to your higher life purpose.  

Your higher life purpose is your path to making your special and unique contributions in the world and is your path to self-fulfilment and living a life of greater meaning.  

Each one of us carries a special puzzle piece that is activated when we fully open our hearts.    

Some activities you can take that will assist you with this are:
  • make a very clear intention in your life to open your heart & align to your higher life purpose
  • open yourself fully to receive all the physical and spiritual support in your life to create your full shift into open heart
  • join our Sirius Library programs or memberships, will assist you in opening your heart in bigger and better ways
  • receive the Universal Healings from the Divine University and network them to your friends and family

What is the basis of the energy work within the Sirius Library programs?

The energy work within Qala’s training programs is based on the following:
  • opening and expansion of your heart energy
the opening your pillar of light so you may align your energy and lift into a higher state
  • receiving love and divine energy
  • receiving pure light frequencies that raise your consciousness
  • cleansing and purification of your energy body to lift layers of old feelings/thoughts/unresolved memories
  • connecting with your Presence, Higher Self and the Divine/God-Source (the Unified Field)
  • activating your natural pure light vibration through your physical body’s energy core to raise your energy vibration  

Will the energy work and teachings have a positive effect on me and my life?

The energy work and teachings assist you to make a shift in the internal nature of your being. Each inner shift you make reflects out to create a wonderful shift in your outer reality to align your life experience with your heart and higher nature. The energy work and teachings assist you how to open your heart and mind to the Divine and as your energy raises in vibration, you become more conscious in your life, attracting new opportunities and divine experiences to you.  

What if I am unable to meditate properly because my mind is always busy thinking?

Everyone can learn to still their mind and meditate to receive love, light, divine energy. It is all about having the right instructor and the openness to being assisted.  
Luckily though, our meditations do not require you to have a quiet or empty peaceful mind or require you to be a competent meditator. Our meditations are based on receiving divine energy and on focusing your mind on simple exercises that open your field. Most of what occurs in our meditations does not require any great effort from you. Your greatest task is to simply receive and let it all simply flow through you.
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