Super Empowerment Bundle

  • Activate your Personal Quantum Shift
  • Learn how to Work the Enlightened Masters
  • Experience your Loving Presence
  • Develop Clarity with your Soul's True Needs
  • Spiritualise your Income





USD $216


What's included:

Activate your Personal Quantum Shift

This is a 2 Part program that will inspire, activate and educate you in a practical way, so that when you wake up each day, you can be an activated human being on your path, with the understanding of how to create crystal clear consciousness to assist you in fulfilling your life purpose. It includes:
Part 1: Activating Your Energy and Purpose
Part 2: The Self Mastery of Your Consciousness
11 hours

Working with the Holy Presence of the Enlightened Masters in your Life

Qala offers 4 sessions specifically focused on The Heart and how you can work with the Enlightened Masters to Transform your Life or Help others to transform their lives. You will receive a deepening of your connection to the Enlightened Masters and a very deep heart communion with the Masters and your own Divine Presence.
4.5 hours

Experience your Loving Presence

Qala and the Enlightened Masters, under the auspices of the Holy Mother, present a training program designed for the purpose of opening or deepening your contact with the 'Loving Presence of your Soul' on Earth. 
Every Soul has a 'Presence of Unconditional Love' which can be awakened to improve the quality of their life and this program offers teachings and 9 Primary Meditation Processes, which may be worked with more than once, to achieve an alignment of your consciousness to the qualities of 'Loving Presence'.
16 hours

Develop your Clear Relationship with your Soul's True Needs in Life

Develop your Universal Relationship with your Soul’s True Needs in Life. Co-create the natural and easy flow of self respect, self love and self worth - for the ignition of your natural abundance.
6 hours

Spiritualise your Income

Qala Sri’ama offers 5 sessions in response to the ongoing pressures many on the Spiritual Path experience with the material world, and generation of enough income to do what they are here for. The Enlightened Ones bring forth two very unique offers, or solutions, to the core issue of "money" that can become predominant within all Spiritual Initiates minds, to form a blockage to following the heart's clear guidance. They share with you the 5 Primary Master Keys to truly walking your path and following the inspirations of your Spirit and heart in the world as it is.
7 hours
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